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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maulin5 8 / 10 / 10

Stand up for love-ly movie!

Aanand L. Rai brings us back the iconic pair of 2015's hit movie- Dumb Lagake Haisha, that is Ayushman Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar. Each one has a successful movie in last month itself. So, it is obvious to expect high from this film. Trailer shows the basic story line up. Mudit and Sugandha are going to be married, but before two days of their wedding, Mudit realizes he suffers from an erectile dysfunction, which almost sabotages their wedding after both the families get involved. Which also leads to some comical incidents. That's how the film goes to the completion. Ayushman Khurrana is my most favorite man in the current lot. He actually lives the exact character every time and leaves you speechless! After the successful Bareily, this will also count in his hit list. Bhumi Pednekar is also enjoyable. Toilet has more work for Bhumi, but here, she has to just support Ayushman, and she does a great job. This pair deserves your love this time and for the time to come, too. We also have to appreciate the work done by supporting cast in this type of films. So claps for all the actors! Music is suitable only in the film, otherwise not a single song is worth a download. I liked the Sainyaa song the most. Dialogues and screenplay are worthy enough for the audience to not lost interest throughout the movie. Some scenes are extremely good! I liked the scene where Mudit reenters with his relatives to pleas Sugandha. I also got shocked to see Aanand Rai's favorite man's cameo in this film at the perfect moment. But, I could not be able to understand why they were shooting condom ad in Haridvar! LOL. I request all the Adult people to go and watch this sweet movie. I wish girls should learn from the character of Bhumi to support your love unconditionally. I mean, that thing is required, but you have to understand His problems, too. Overall, worth a watch. Bollywood is getting better with this kind of films in the remaining period of 2017.

Reviewed by amanbajaj000 7 / 10 / 10

Could have been an epic movie....

Well to start with a movie based on the subject its made on, in itself was enough to drag people to the theaters and that's what it did. The star cast, the plot, performances all top notch but the film lacks in scripting and scree play. It could have been easily another Vicky donor or a chameli ki shaddi for that matter but the screenplay was not in place the movie lacked characters, even after such a great supporting cast, I feel the characters were not written properly. Like we had Anu Kapoor in Vicky donor or a Deepak Dobriyal in the Tanu Weds Manu series, we could have easily got one or two characters written on the same pattern to add more humour to the script. Bhumi Pednekar is a promising actress she has proved again if given a role with content she can manage things effortlessly....long way to go. Ayushman has made his place now in movies like these ...he is impressive and he is becoming a pro with roles like these. In total Shubh Mangal could have been a movie worth keeping in your collection but a weak screenplay makes it a one time watch.

Reviewed by akshay-ak-kumar 7 / 10 / 10

Khurana is the new Amol Palekar

I am delighted to write that finally today's film makers have found nice ways to speak on topics which are still considered taboo is our country. It started with Sircar's Vicky Donor on Sperm donation, his Piku on constipation, Shakun Batra's Kapoor and Sons which spoke on homosexuality and Subh Mangal Savadhaan (SMS)which speaks on erecticle dysfunction. SMS like last month's Barelily ki Barfi is set in middle class India, the location changes from Barelily to Delhi. Its starts off on a nice hilarious note of Khurana's Mudit trying to speak to Pednekar's Sughanda and a roadside bear ....yes a bear (watch it to believe it) catches him leaving everyone around him in splits and taking his MMS videos for fun. They then meet for marriage and slowly fall in love over the next few weeks. Their love is just like any middle class love story. They don't run around trees or sing songs in park or dance in the rain. They behave like normal people and not like the love we see in Johar Chopra films. So even when we see them trying to make love for the 1st time, they are scared and behave like amatauers. That scene is hilarious and trust me you will not feel odd seeing this with your parents. And that's when Mudit knows he just cannot perform in bed. From there you have Mudit trying to do his best in resolving his gent's problem and Sughanda doing everything possible to keep him happy. She doesn't want to run away from the problem and face it while Mudit wants to solve his problem to express his love and keep her happy. And this is where the beauty of the story lies. A man and woman doing their best for the other partner. In another hilarious scene, Sughanda wears some sexy lingerie and takes Mudit for a picnic and then tries to do a role play. The scene initally starts as hilarious but then becomes a emotional one as Mudit realises what she is doing and stops her. The movies reaches another level when the parents come to know about Mudit's problem. Mudit's parents can't accept it while her father takes him to a Vetinarian for cure and is worried that his daughter will not have kids of her own. However, the last act falls flat. One can see that the writers run out of ideas and don't know how to end the film. So we have a ridiculous scene where the couple are supposedly making love inside and everyone outside are chit chatting waiting for the result. Or an action packed climax with Jimmy Shergil making one ridiculous cameo. The one question which always popped my mind was why didn't Mudit go to a doctor and get himself treated? The performances are top notch. Khurana is turning out to this generation's Amol Palekar or the middle class hero. Armed with simple looks and earnest acting skills, he beautifully performs Mudit and helps us understand his problem. On the other hand, Bhumi is top notch. It is her 3rd film and she performs like a veteran. And, Khurana and she share a wonderful chemistry. The rest of the star cast including Bijendar Kala are fantastic. Most of them are unknown faces but rock the show. Kala is hilarious as Sugandha's uncle who always is seeking for respect from everyone younger to him including his brother. The music is simple and there aren't many songs to spoil it and the middle class Delhi setting is perfect. Except for the last half hour, the movie is a joy ride and a must watch.

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