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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lilbit-99038 9 / 10 / 10


SIJI DRIVER Whenever a film can touch your heart in its simple message of love and redemption makes it worthwhile to see and that's why the film "Siji Driver "was recognized with the awards bestowed on its writer/ director David Chai. Our love story begins simply enough. An Uber type driver named Sam who owns an expensive BMW has developed a friendship with the dispatcher ( who's only heard via car speaker) and who constantly teases him about Sam's hard work ethic and his lack of any women in his life. Sam is dispatched to a unsafe area and he reluctantly drives his expensive BMW to pick up Lily who turns out to be a gorgeous Asian woman. Lily can't speak English very well but Sam makes a huge effort to communicate regardless of this and she seems taken by his interest. When they approach her destination however, she exits the car and an Asian thug like guy runs to her and starts smacking her face. Sam on seeing this intervenes and pushes Lily back into his car and drives off while the thug takes pictures of his car. Sam takes her to his apt although she screams at him to take her back. Lily feels ill and she's not well enough to leave his apt. In the days after, Sam is very attentive to her comfort and getting her well and they develop feelings for each other. However, to his dismay he finds out more about Lily's tortuous life as a victim of human trafficking. Much danger ensues as the thug Ricky searches and finds her. Sam played by actor Patrick Duke Conboy is handsome and gives an honest performance as a man genuinely caring and comforting about Lily's plight. Lily played by Candice Zhao is pure gorgeousness on the screen and the camera just loves her face. She displays fear and turmoil which her life is full of as Sam regretfully discovers. Richie Ng plays Ricky and gives a very believable terrifying performance as the abusive thug in Lily's life. Although the dispatcher played by Stephen Lin is never shown except for his picture displayed on the car's home screen, he is a wonderful and a clever addition to this film giving dimension to Sam's character which we wouldn't get if Sam was alone in his car. Stephen Lin plays a wonderful part as the friendly dispatcher in Sam's lonely life. Writer And Director David Chai's film is gorgeously filmed dripping in the romance that develops between Lily and Sam. And the film is filled with intrigue and tension which builds up in the story. Redemption is a big part of this story and Director David Chai reveals at the end the subject matter of human trafficking - a horrendous subject matter that affects many innocent women and children throughout the world. The film "Siji Driver" is romantic and emotionally exciting and has received the best feature film and best original score awards at the Long Island International Film Expo 2018. The crux of this film follows the sentiments of Director David Chai and in his words to film emotional and powerful stories and in its message have the ability to change the world. Siji Driver does just that in fulfilling his sentiments and should make people stand together against one of the most horrendous abuses of the world.

Reviewed by henjk 9 / 10 / 10

A film's plot comes from its premise, and this premise is backwards and repugnant.

The premise of the movie is alarmingly played-out; the whole thing is just a piece of unironically regressive, anti-Asian, "Yellow Peril" propaganda. The whole thing, from the red dress, to the posing of the actors, to the premise of a wicked Asian male being defeated by a white male hero over whom the helpless Asian female victim gets all touchy-touchy in the manner of a cheap romance novel's cover is just gross. Mr. Chai has some soul-searching to do. Could one even imagine a movie where a white woman leaves an abusive white boyfriend and subsequently starts feeling all over a suited black man? Jordan Peele isn't filming spiritual successors to "Birth of a Nation." Neither is Spike Lee. David Chai has some soul-searching to do.

Reviewed by GeoffLee_NYC 9 / 10 / 10

Well directed, beautifully shot film, treats the subject matter with respect

'Was at the premiere of SIJI: Driver and really enjoyed this film, soaking in each scene which was so expertly colorized. With its warmth and saturation, combined with fine performances by Candice Zhao and Patrick Conboy, this film draws you in and keeps you locked in to the end. The awards are well-deserved and I look forward to following writer/director David Chai's path. I discovered at the premiere that this full-length feature film was made on an extremely modest budget - an awesome accomplishment for what you experience on the screen, thus my high rating.

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