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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Atavisten 8 / 10 / 10

Loyalty and KCIA

In the 1960s a Korea controlled by its intelligence KCIA (guess where it came from ..) after a North Korean attempt to assassinate the South Korean president Park Chung-hee. South Korea responds by making a special force to kill Kim Il-sung, commander of North Korea. This force is made up of criminals judged to death sentence who get the choice of playing hangman or be in the force. What we see from now on is people not treated as people, but are trained as machines of war for one mission which will take their lives in the end. The fact that this is based on a true story is very depressing and even more sadly, not so surprising. This film was far superior to the more heroism focused 'Taegukgi' but received far less acclaim in South Korea, understandably so since 'Silmido' is very critical about recent happenings and has a much smaller budget. You on the other hand if given the choice, know what to pick. ;)

Reviewed by DanStarkey 10 / 10 / 10

Riveting account of Korean govt doublecross

Korean film is blossoming, from the action thriller "Shiri" to the delightful romantic "My Sassy Girl." "Silmido" takes this ability to make excellent films in a political direction. "Silmido" is to South Korea as Costa-Gavras' "Z" was to Greece: truth-telling about terrible government misdeeds. Unlike "Z," however, "Silmido" is not only shown at home, but is hugely successful, demonstrating the increasing strength of Korean democracy. One hopes that films like "Silmido" are a sign of increasing openness, and better times ahead for the Korean people. As was the case with "Z," the excellence of the film guarantees an international audience for the story, and the widespread attention may well lead to additional revelations. Although the details of the government plot are sordid, the film romanticizes the actions of death-row convicts, and one suspects that the filmmakers took some liberties in portraying some of their noble and comradely behavior. Nevertheless, an first-rate movie and highly recommended.

Reviewed by medialuvr 10 / 10 / 10

Dirty Dozen meets Eagle Has Landed meets Gauntlet

As the South Korean movie industry matures, more of their feature movies should become of interest to mainstream western audiences. Silmido is one of these movies. The Korean peninsula continues to experience behind-the-scenes low intensity engagements between the two nations. Set in the 1960's, the nK strikes at the ROK leadership and prompts a response. The KCIA sponsors the formation of a special army unit to strike back at Pyongyang. Comprised of civil prisoners and other outcasts, the movie follows their formation, training, and deployment. The film covers a great deal of cultural ground. The viewer gets a sense of the male-dominated, hierarchical government with its intrigues and power brokers. The spartan living conditions, training and discipline are not inconsistent with ROK practices. The motto used in the film - "Loyalty" - illustrates the conservative bent of the military system and the social schism which exists between it and the South Korean people at large. The film could have used "Strength and Honor" from Gladiator to the same effect. As a code of behavior, the concept of loyalty is the thematic underpinning for the major plot turns. While lacking some of the pacing and plot roll-out elements of first tier film efforts, Silmido still delivers an interesting story line and succeeds as an action movie. It offers a harsh indictment of the government's leadership, not unlike American Viet Nam conflict movies, and the viewer is left with a perspective of Korean soldiers as army ants whose sole function is to live and die protecting their society.

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