Silver Wolf


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Lynda Boyd as Jacie
Michael Biehn as Joe Donan
Roy Scheider as John Rockwell
Shaun Johnston as Small Pox Bob 1 episode, 2006
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Julie-95 10 / 10 / 10

A great movie full of action and of course skijoring.

Well, this is an AWEsome movie.Bein plays a pretty good part as the uncle and "Jesse" was pretty good too.Ecspecially at the snowboarding(if that was really him).But my absolute fav character of the whole entire show was the guy in the crowd at the end of the race scene.He's wearing a blue jacket and grey pants.He is over to the right and four people back.NO No no I was just joking.My fav character was, of course "SILVER".He was totally FANTASTIC.But that also may account because of my love for wolves and dogs.Especially WOLVES.

Reviewed by baumer 10 / 10 / 10

a movie with great intentions

I love films like this. Films that try to put a positive spin on animals and many of the misconceptions that humans have towards them. Silver Wolf is a film that has it's heart in the right place. It is a good film with two film giants from days past. It is also a film that has a conscience and for that I really like it. First I want to comment on the casting of the film. You have to like a film that has Reese and Martin Brody in a film together. Michael Biehn and Roy Scheider play the two lead adults in the film and it is fun to see two guys that were in two of the biggest film franchises ever, square off. I can't help it, every time I see Scheider I expect him to say " You're going to need a bigger boat. " But in here he plays a nasty man that seems to hunt wolves just because he can. He really is a bad man just for the sake of the movie needing a bad man. I didn't really understand his reasons for hating wolves in the first place but it's okay here because there is so much to like about the film that small things like that are easily overlooked. The other two leads in the film are Jesse Meier as the young nephew of Biehn and Kimberly Warnat as Scheider's daughter. They are both quite good in their roles and I have to say that Warnat is quite the looker. Her beauty was one of the reasons that kept me watching the film when it was on viewers choice. After looking at her filmography in the IMDb you can see that she hasn't done a lot as of yet but I think she will become a star one day. She is a very good actress and she will continue to grow physically as well. Sorry if that sounds incredibly sexist, but hey, sue me, I'm a guy. Silver Wolf has some incredible photography and it's choreographed snowboarding scenes are breathtaking and quick paced. But what I enjoyed most about the film was the relationship with Meier and the young wolf. The wolf takes to him after a while and they develop an honest friendship. When it is time for the wolf to go home to his family you are almost sad to see him go. But then to see a wild animal that was captive become free, well that makes the movie so much better. Silver Wolf has great intentions and it is entertaining. I think kids will like this movie but if you are a sucker for animals as beautiful as this, then you ( adults that is ) will probably enjoy it as well. And remember, watch for the name Kimberly Warnat in the future, she will go on to do bigger films, I'm almost sure of it.

Reviewed by zeke-5 10 / 10 / 10

Awesome snowboarding footage filmed in Whistler/Blackcomb, BC

This heart warming story of a boy who recently lost his father and is displaced into a small close knit mountain community, brings a good story of coming of age tied nicely together with outstanding snowboarding and skijoaring footage right from the scenic mountains at Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia. Jesse not only has to deal with the death of his father, but moving in with his park ranger uncle and dealing with a new peer group that sees him as an urban wonder. Jesse befriends not only his nemesis' daughter but a wild but devoted wolf he promptly names 'Silver'. The movie concludes with a skijoaring race in which Jesse enters himself with a snowboard as opposed to skis, and a wild wolf instead of the family pet dog. This well acted and beautifully filmed picture is perfect for the whole family, and any one who is an admirer of the mountains, wolves, and of course, snowboarding.

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