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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by storekeeper 7 / 10 / 10

Charming film!

I picked up this movie short, with 7 other titles, at a library discard sale and I'm so glad I did. "Singapore Sue" took me by surprise as I got to see a young and up-coming Cary Grant and a delightful Asian actress Anna Chang. You can see the "raw" Cary as he portrayed a sailor looking for love. His character looks so odd compared to the way we think of him today. But the most charming part to me was seeing Anna Chang sing and dance around in her little outfit that was risqué for the period. She and the other Chinese singer/actor, I believe to be Joe Wong (the only other Chinese name in the credits), were great! A very charming and entertaining short film not typical for the period because of the use of prominent Chinese actors in an American film. Kino Video "Rhapsodies in Black & Blue" vol. 4, VHS with other musical shorts including Eddie Cantor, Rudy Vallee, Louis Armstrong, Ethel Merman and more. If anyone has any of the other three in the series, let me know!

Reviewed by ttuerff-347-513384 3 / 10 / 10

VERY Early Cary Grant -- Not Vital but Interesting

This short could be used as a viable argument for political correctness. The ONLY reason to see it is simply to see Cary Grant in a very early appearance. As the other reviewers have mentioned, miss Chang doesn't sing very well; while she is pleasant to look at, you need to get past the horrible dialog, most of which is given to Millard Mitchell and revolves around badmouthing the Chinese owners of the bar and insulting Chinese people in general. Joe Wong, it turns out, was actually a Filipino named Jose Ocampo Cobarrubias. I guess the show name fits better on the marquee. If you get a chance to see it, do so, but don't kill yourself trying to find this.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10 / 10

The singing is pretty dreadful....but at least you get to see Cary Grant, so it's not a total loss.

It's unfortunate, but this film is in rather rough condition--as the print is very grainy and scratchy--unlike the other films in this collection of early Paramount musical shorts. However, it IS a very important film and well worth your time just for the cast--as it features a very young Cary Grant in one of his first films. Also, while less famous, the very prolific character actor Millard Mitchell also plays a sailor in this one. The film begins in China. Four sailors enter a bar and Grant does most of the talking--and is pretty obnoxious. Anna Chang and Joe Wong entertain these jerks with a few songs. While the film was to highlight Chang, she simply couldn't sing and didn't look like the sort of actress Hollywood was looking for and she only appeared in three films. Interestingly, IMDb would seem to indicate that she's still alive--and over 100. So, as least in some ways life turned out well in spite of her career going bust.

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