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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmtaylor90 8 / 10 / 10

Obscure Franco Gem

Sinner is truly one of Jess Franco's best films with an unusually strong plot and strong performances all around for a Franco film. Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac was made during the Robert de Nesle period of Franco's career and also the post Soledad Miranda, pre Lina Romay years of 1971-72. Right after the death of Soledad Miranda Franco wasted zero time in finding and getting a new team of producers and group of actors for which he churned many films out at a furious pace. Sinner I think is one of his best from this two year time period. The two stars in this one is obviously Anne Libert and Montserrat Prous with latter being the lead and focus. Prous gives a stunning performance as Linda Vargas. Ann Libert plays the Countess Anna de Monterey who takes in this cute lost girl who's been taken advantage of by every man she comes into contact with, but Linda soon meets with a photographer and prostitute, loses trust in the only one trying to help her and descends into a world of prostitution and drugs. It's all here folks the Cinematography, the 'sexadelic' scenes, the incredible music score, the resort like location of the Spanish coast and the freedom for Franco to do what he does best. Create this weird, dreamlike, delirious psychedelic sex world. There's also this incredible commentary by Linda about sex and society while we watch people dancing in this nightclub to this prog jazz score transitioning to a scene where we see a group of hippies smoking pot. A nightmare Ferris wheel sequence and the sexual philosophies from Linda's diary as we get to know more about her as the story evolves in this film. Those are just some tidbits I'll throw out there for all new or veteran Franco fans who haven't seen this film and might be interested in purchasing the movie. 70's Euro cult sleaze at it's finest! Highly Recommended! 8/10

Reviewed by prohibited-name-1142 8 / 10 / 10

A certain gem (spoilers)

How could Franco manage to shoot all those gems in such a short period of time? Let this remain his secret, and let's just enjoy every piece of film he made. Here once again we are served with a story full of softcore psychedelic sex, captured by Jess' voyeuristic camera, and the main actress, Mona Proust, is worth it. The movie begins with a cabaret scene, just like many Franco titles, and a prostitute in the club seduces a mature man and takes him to a hotel room. The guy is real drunk, they have "sex", and then the girl calls the police and kills herself. This "intriguing start" leads to a sexual adventure full of sordid characters, interesting scenes and entertaining musical moments that you will remember forever, if you are a Franco lover like I am. This movie definitely is a must-see in the sexploitation domain and it has all it takes to become a cult classic.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

One of Jess Franco's best films

Eager and beautiful young innocent Linda (sweetly played with charming naiveté by the lovely Montserrat Prous) comes to the big city seeking fun and excitement. Linda soon finds herself caught up in a hedonistic fast lane lifestyle of sex and drugs that threatens to completely consume her. Meanwhile, Linda keeps a secret diary of her tawdry exploits. Director Jess Franco, who also co-wrote the grimly serious and hard-hitting script with Elisabeth Ledu de Nesle, presents a fascinatingly sordid exploration of the seamy underbelly of the swinging 70's sexual revolution that warns against the potential dangers of libertine permissiveness without ever getting too preachy or moralistic about it. Of course, Franco also delivers a plethora of yummy female nudity and his trademark scorching lesbian couplings, but it's his exceptionally focused and unwavering direction along with his stark and unflinching depiction of the doomed protagonist's increasing alienation which in turn gives this picture a strong extra dramatic punch. This film further benefits from a bevy of luscious ladies: Anne Libert as worldly mentor Countess Anna de Monterey, Jacqueline Laurent as the inquisitive Rosa, and Kali Hansa as uninhibited stripper Maria Toledano. Franco regular Howard Vernon does fine work as a wannabe helpful doctor while Franco acquits himself well in a decent-sized part as a police inspector. Gerard Brisseau's bright cinematography provides a handsome and sunny look. The throbbing prog-rock score by Vladimir Cosma and Jean-Bernard Raiteux hits the get-down groovy spot. Essential viewing for Franco fans.

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