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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by redproton88 9 / 10 / 10

Well worth the watch

Siren is a film with an unusual surrealistic premise. If you like slow paced but intriguing ideas I would highly recommend this film. The story centers around Leigh who lives behind locked gates and surrounded by security cameras in a little cottage. The mystery behind her isolation is interestingly revealed. I think this is movie highly underrated and I would ignore any low ratings and give it a try. I don't write a lot of reviews, but I felt this movie truly deserves some attention and I hope to encourage people to check it out. Pardon the aside, but one 2 star reviewer complained that 4 key points were not explained. Clearly that viewer wasn't paying any attention to the film because all the answers were right there if you were actually paying attention. Bottom line if you like unusual and artistic films, give it a watch.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 8 / 10 / 10

My Review Of 'Siren"

"Siren" tells a very soft, emotional story that explores both the perils and rewards of love, sexual desire, and companionship. The characters have an almost melancholy appearance which contrasts the very dark circumstances of Peyronel's fairy tale. The protagonist has a sad existence, self-exiled from people and the world in order to just live a safe life and fulfilling life. As fulfilling as a creature could live considering that one's very existence creates a desire so strong that it becomes dangerous to be around men, and in women there is a hatred so deep that connection with other females is equally dangerous. I love the story, the characters are so tragic, like poor little lumps of lost emotions just wondering the world longing for something more. The cast give very haunting and compelling performances of the characters, and really are what pull you into this dark fantasy. "Siren" does have some tense, slightly thrilling moments. For the most part though, this is really just a suspenseful, and dramatic character study. One that is inspired by a mythical being trying to live a very typical life- as typical as a mythical creature's life could be. What makes Peyronel's story so entertaining and compelling is that the story focuses more on a scientific and biological occurrence that gives rise to Leigh's "siren" like qualities as opposed to one of a mythical creature lurking about man's world. Almost as if this scenario could be similar to the one eons ago that gave rise to Siren lore. Overall "Siren" is a melodrama more than a thriller. It is a very good film that is total modern fantasy. The atmosphere is at times very "Nicholas Sparks", but a bit darker. The cast are great and the settings are beautiful, whimsical slices of creativity and art. The biggest draw for me personally was Leigh's love interest Robert Kazinsky, and the whole science fiction element surrounding the company that Leigh sold her pheromones to. The story does move slow, and there isn't a heavy horror element to the movie so that will be a downer for most horror driven fans. I would say if you occasionally like the modern fantasy/fairy tale themes with a bit of Nicholas Sparks mixed in then "Siren" is a perfect film. I enjoyed it,

Reviewed by charles000 8 / 10 / 10

Definite kudos for originality of concept, and well acted.

Not even sure how to categorize this, but it was well worth the time spent watching. Interestingly unique story. The only film comparison that even remotely comes to mind is "Perfume", although the settings and circumstances are completely different, except for the singular thread of similarity being the consistent theme of pheromones and their potential powers (and consequences) thereof. In an odd sort of way, Leigh (Vinessa Shaw) would have been the theoretical ultimate object of desire in Perfume, in that here character here is that of a woman who is apparently afflicted the phenomena of extreme and overpowering pheromones, to the extent that she literally sells her "essence" to a corporate perfume lab to make her living. In this story, however, Leigh's special uniqueness has led her to a life of complete self imposed isolation, with the perpetual consequence that any ordinary man who encounters her is immediately overtaken with an involuntary and irreversible, chemically induced obsession. That is, until she encounters the presence of Guy (Robert Kazinsky), who is apparently immune because of his lack of sense of smell . . . but that's just the beginning. No spoilers here, so not going any further with this explanation, except to say that there is much more to this story as it unfolds. Very interesting character study, wrapped around a compellingly unique combination of sci-fi, psych thriller (for lack of a better description) and fantasy, sort of. Ultimately it's an expose' of the fragility of the human condition, under unique circumstances, and the consequences thereof. The ending was a bit of a stretch, but still, definite kudos for originality of concept, and well acted. A solid eight stars for a well crafted and conceptually unique production.

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