Six Pack


Comedy / Drama / Sport

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September 23, 2019



Anthony Michael Hall as Mr. Davidson
Barry Corbin as Charlie McCloud, Stage Driver
Burt Reynolds as Goldbluth
Diane Lane as Margaret Blackledge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hazardus_99 10 / 10 / 10

Fantastic movie

I'm with amyjo79 with this movie, as I saw it on TV years ago and videotaped it, then just bought the DVD when I finally found it had been released. Yes, it has its corny parts and some bad language in it, but as was already said, Kenny Rogers' character chides the kids for swearing and they stop doing it for the most part. Yes it is predictable to a certain degree as well, but since the DVD arrived here, my three boys aged between 4 - 9yrs have not stopped watching it! They love the fast cars, the music and the plot in general, and I won't stop them watching it. My boys understand that they are not allowed to swear and that it's only a movie and not real. I have always liked Kenny Rogers' music and always will, and if you like his music too, I'm sure you will like the move as well.

Reviewed by sheepy0126 8 / 10 / 10

Suitable for kids

I vaguely remember watching this movie as a child... at least younger than 10 and I remember loving this movie. Much is said about the sexual overtones blah blah blah, but I can tell you, as a child watching this movie, and the reasons I liked watching it, I remember the green van, the river, the winning, the forgiving.... but not once do I (remembering as a child, cause I haven't seen it since I was a child, although I want too) attribute child sexuality towards it.... Kenny Rogers helping the kids... .that's all I remember... so for all of you bible basher's who condemn films for sexual overtones... kids don't care... they see differently to what you do.... just ask them!!!

Reviewed by johnfuen 8 / 10 / 10

Worth watching

I remember catching 6-Pack when it first came out. I really don't remember if it was a made for TV movie or a theater movie. But what I do remember was that I was thoroughly entertained by this movie. I really liked Kenny Roger's character and how he got shanghaied into becoming a surrogate step father for a larcenous family of orphans. If I'm not mistaken Erin Gray (Col. Wilma Dearing) of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century fame played his love interest. This movie was certainly a "feel good" movie that also had some very funny scenes. If I can ever find it on DVD, I will certainly buy it. Another plus for this movie is that you get to see a very young Diane Lane. It is fun to see her very early in her career. If you want a film you watch with the family and not worry about a lot of blue humor, this one is for you.

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