Skid Row Marathon



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wamacdougall 10 / 10 / 10

Watch It! Uplifting!

Tremendously uplifting story that makes you want to go change the world for the better(and work out)! It reminds one that all people have worth and good in them. God Bless Judge Mitchell.

Reviewed by GojuRyu5 / 10

A touching and heart-warming insight into the possibility of redemption

A criminal court judge uses his own passion for running and his compassion for the possibility of redemption, to help addicts get their lives back on track. I found this documentary to be very moving; seeing their achievements, successes, and their dreams being attained gave me an overflow of emotion. It's a fascinating insight into the difficulties people can fall into and their struggles to move forwards. But it is the support and belief of a criminal court judge, more used to sentencing offenders that underpins the whole story. The open friendship he offers to those at a stage of their lives when little hope exists shows that a little passion and belief can move mountains. Well worth a watch - you may shed a tear or two on the way!

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