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Richard Schiff as Scanner Technician
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Ted Raimi as Dr. Tygon
Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by capkronos 7 / 10 / 10

Not perfect, but definitely has its moments.

Ted Raimi is Dennis Skinner, a friendly, grinning wacko who kills women, skins them and wears a suit made of their stitched-together flesh. He rents a room from lonely housewife Kerry (Ricki Lake), who's glad to have some company since her moody trucker husband (David Warshofsky) is always gone. Meanwhile, Heidi (Traci Lords), a depressed, soft-spoken, scarred, limping morphine addict who managed to survive an attack years earlier, balances her time in a grimy hotel room shooting up, crying and plotting revenge. This is a dark, dreary, depressing and often awkward film and I hated it when I first saw it. However, I gave it another chance and am glad I did. Aside from the top-notch KNB FX work, it takes place in a unique, graffiti-tinged decaying urban hell landscape, has a great score from Contagion and plenty of clever movie references if you're looking for them. There's one odd and powerful moment in this film, where Dennis is talking to the shell of a victim he's just killed and skinned about his traumatic childhood and rubbing the hands of the deceased along his face for comfort. Moments like these, done with some thought and care, lift a film like this right up out of the gutter. I completely disagree with the potshots made at Traci Lords. Many people just cannot put their perceptions of her behind them long enough to even consider the fact she's capable of giving a competent performance. I found Lords to be more than just a little competent in this particular role. It is by no means an easy or flattering part to have to play, but I thought she played it very, very well. Speaking of unflattering portraits, you can learn more about director Ivan Nagy by viewing HEIDI FLEISS: Hollywood MADAM. Score: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by darko_devotchka 10 / 10 / 10

a.k.a. Ted Raimi: Prostitute Killer

*spoiler alert* The basic plot of this low-budget horror flick is that a nerdy, Converse-and-khaki wearing guy Dennis Skinner (Ted Raimi) rents a room from Ricki Lake's character, and spends his days as a janitor, or sometimes killing prostitutes. Meanwhile, one of his victims, played by Traci Lords, is busy stalking Skinner and trying to kill him. The redeeming factor in this whole movie is Ted Raimi. He plays Skinner brilliantly. His performance is comparable to that of Anthony Perkins' in Psycho. Raimi is so believable as the nice, adorable guy who ends up being a quite creepy serial killer. Also, being a Ted Raimi fan-girl, his being shirtless for 75% of the movie helped the movie a lot as well, finally having some male eye-candy in a horror movie was awesome to me. Ricki Lake did a good job as the nice, slightly naive landlady, and I thought the relationship between her and Skinner was cute...until the end of the film, of course. Traci Lords was great as well, she was downright creepy as the vengeful (prostitute? i guess? it never says) woman who has been mutilated by Skinner. The special effects are creepily realistic, when Skinner wears his victims' skins I was genuinely freaked out, because they looked so real. It is pretty gory, not much actual killing, just lots of grossness and blood. If you are a big Ted Raimi fan, you will definitely like this film. Seeing him play someone totally opposite of Joxer, Pavel, Hoffmann, etc. etc. is really refreshing and shows his versatility as an actor - he can pull off creepy and sexy as well as nerdy. Skinner is definitely worth a look.

Reviewed by bipvg71 10 / 10 / 10

Serial Killer/Mutilator Pursued By Hooker Victim/Survivor & Husband Of Future Victim!

Skinner is a Horror & Suspense Classic that uses the killer's fantasies as flashback scenes. Dennis Skinner (Ted Raimi)a soft-spoken normal-looking drifter(with obsessive compulsions for water & blood) rents an room from Kerry Tate (Ricki Lake) and Geoff Tate-Long-haul Truck Driver (David Warshofsky) while he's out on the road. Geoff leaves Kerry alone all the time due to work, ignores her when he's home, and she appreciates the new stranger's company and attention even though her husband hates him. Dennis finds a job at a local factory and is physically and verbally harassed by a black co-worker who he also skins. At night Dennis roams the streets with a gym bag filled with knifes looking for hookers or women victims to skin, constantly followed by the deformed junkie/hooker Heidi (Traci Lords) who was mutilated by him and is now hunting him for revenge. Dennis is attracted to Kerry and wants to show her the real him so he seduces her then kidnaps and takes her to his playpen to be the next victim/art piece. Heidi tipped-off by her landlord's forced confession find's their house and she and Geoff soon follow to try to save Kerry, but Heidi drugs Geoff as they close in after crashing the factory gates with his Semi-Truck and alerting the night watchman. Will Heidi get her revenge and will Kerry die? Also Stars:Richard Schiff – Eddie; Blaire Baron – Gloria; Roberta Eaton – Sandy;Christina Englehardt – Rachel; Dewayne Williams - Earl ;Time Winters - Night watchman; Frederika Kesten – Suzanne;Sara Lee Froton -Young woman. Ivan Nagy - Directed (former boyfriend of Heidi Fleiss-The Hollywood Madam). music by Contagion, Special Make-Up Effects by KNB EFX Group.

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