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Kelly Blatz as Nick Burns
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Reviewed by siderite 6 / 10 / 10

American high-school, aliens and no intelligent life

I didn't expect much and I was still disappointed. Imagine a duo of dorky brothers accidentally getting their hands on an alien spaceship that they can control with their mind, that changes them into superheroes and that in the end save the world and get the girls. Not a big stretch of the imagination, is it? But that is not the worst part. The girls were not worth getting, the aliens were pathetic, the high-school bully looked like he just got there from a musical and the acting... I couldn't find any. In the end this is one giant mindless movie, made for the sole purpose of getting money from prepubescent teens who go to movies because they have parents at home.

Reviewed by rebeccahessing 8 / 10 / 10

Fun movie

So much negative reviews and that for a movie that is really OK. Keep in mind that this is a TV movie and not some big theater production, which, in my opinion, makes a really big difference. and for a TV movie this one was pretty cool. Two brothers find this UFO which alters their life, one a bit more than the other and gets them in trouble. I was really amazed (still am by the way) by the growth and aging of Joey Pollari in the movie. i don't know how they did that, but they did a great job. Blatz and Polari did a great job on this movie. True, some of it is predictable. You just see it coming that the scary agent really has something bad to hide, Blatz and Pollari get the girl and of course Blatz graduates. No surprises there. But the characters where believable. The mother was a bit weird and over the top, but the bond between the brothers was real. Blatz did a great job as the somewhat ordinary fun guy who is chasing after the amazing girl and Pollari was fun as the younger brother who is just freaking out. The story shows how two boys with ordinary troubles have to deal with something extraordinary interfering. Honestly, don't try to make to much out of it. It is a teen movie, with a simple, sometimes a bit predictable, plot. It will never win an Oscar, but it is not trying to. I think that the people who wrote a negative review take this movie to seriously. Take it for what it is. Just a fun movie about to boys about to have an adventure we all secretly dream about. Do that and you'll see that it's a fun ride.

Reviewed by intelearts 8 / 10 / 10

My 310th Review: My kids LOVED it and so did we

Sorry but the bad reviews have it wrong. For a TV movie for Disney this is excellent - it contains just about every dream about finding a space ship and being changed into a super being that you could wish for. Honestly, as an adult I sit through a lot of nonsense because the kids wants to watch, but we all really enjoyed this: exciting and just scary enough, and the dodge ball scene was ever underdogs dream. I would, as a parent, recommend this one. It makes a refreshing change to see some a good storyline and we liked it from beginning to end. Best geared for the tweenies I would say, and if they like sci-fi then this is going to fit the bill.

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