Slash: Raised on the Sunset Strip

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juddiah 7 / 10 / 10

Fans of Slash

If you're a fan of anything slash has done this is worth a watch. Or just read his book which is well more in depth than the 70 mins if this documentary but its still worth a look. Lots of appearances from the likes of Nikki Sixx, Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper and heaps of other familiar faces.

Reviewed by packinpower / 10

It's a joke

It reminded me of Spinal Tap accept the people appearing in this are serious. The lowest life forms talking as if they do or did something important musically or otherwise, like describing how Slash came up with the idea of wearing a top hat and the significance of it. How interesting. Old washed up, brain dead from drug and drink guys with with teenage haircuts telling incredibly boring stories. It was so bad I cant imagine anyone liking it. I watched it one morning while on the internet and there wasn't even one thing about it that was interesting and I'm having a read hard time coming up with the ten lines required to post a review about it.

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