Slay Belles


Adventure / Comedy / Horror

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December 28, 2020



Barry Bostwick as Mr. Kriss
Diane Salinger as Cherry
Kristina Klebe as Alexi
Richard Moll as Officer Green
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geeklegionofdoom 5 / 10 / 10

Festive B-movie mayhem

I won't go through the plot here, as I'm sure you've read the synopsis . So here's what I liked . Our 3 lead female characters have good chemistry , seem like they'd really be friends and were zany and fun to watchThe Krampus costume, looks pretty good to me. i like the way it's design resembles the classic Krampus look from the old German illustrations , and for a lower budget i thought the effects were pretty goodI enjoyed the reveal towards the end of the movie which i won't spoilThe Movie has it's tongue in cheek and has a good sense of fun But what did not work Biggest issue by far is the truly poor cinematography , camera work , editing and the lighting wasn't great either . Often shots are poorly framed , too dark, and edited in a way that makes the Taken sequels look well editedActing by additional cast seemed a very miked bagUnnecessary scenes and characters. So many scenes were of the police station, i actually thought they might have something to do with the plot. Nope , just a running gag about the dis organised cops. Plus what was the point of the Richard moll scenes? Just smacks of reshoots to fill out the running timeA bit light on horror. Not as many kills or gore as i was expecting with a title like thatThe movie lags in the second act. When the girls are holed up in the house. Nothing really seems to happen for about 20-25 mins Overall fans of B-Movie cinema may enjoy a festive treat , but for the more casual fan , there are better produced modern Christmas horror movies out there

Reviewed by MrsOrange 7 / 10 / 10

A Goofy Good Time

We get literally one hundred new cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies each year and I think us horror fans deserve at least a couple annual cheesy Christmas horror movies at least! Sure, this movie isn't "good" but it's totally fun and good-hearted. You could do way worse when celebrating the holiday season.

Reviewed by Devils_Mentor 7 / 10 / 10

Cheeezy like Cheetos... Pure Cheezy Goodness!

Cheeezy like Cheetos and who doesn't like Cheetos! Sure there's a lot of wrong with this flix, but still a 7/10 on the Cheezy Goodness! This is not your typical high school project Z flix, this was a lot of fun! And I gotta mention the killer makeup for Krampus... Great practicals! Don't listen to the crybabies! If you're watching this, you know what you're getting yourself into. Don't be one of those pretentious jackholes, who watches a cheezfest then cries about how crappy it was; especially if it's a fun ride like this.

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