Smiley Face Killers


Horror / Thriller

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December 29, 2020



Crispin Glover as Hooded Figure
Mia Serafino as Keren
Ronen Rubinstein as Jake Graham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10

He is off his meds

Based on true background information about a number of drownings found near places where there are smiley faces. This story centers on Jake (Ronen Rubinstein) who is stalked during the entire film. He is off his meds and has issues, so I didn't mind it when PLOT SPOILER they finally get him into the white van we have been seeing the entire film. Jake is boring and so is the film. Guide: F-word. sex. partial nudity.

Reviewed by theasphaltrider 1 / 10 / 10

Standard yet savage and stylistic genre fare

With the knowledge that Bret Easton Ellis wrote and produced this film I had to see it posthaste. With his penchant for nihilistic narratives, violence and biting satire, Ellis is a favorite writer of mine so in that sense my opinion may be completely tainted by my fondness for this author and screenwriter. In the same sense I do undoubtedly posses a adoration for stalk and slash cinema so this film was right up my alley of ravaged bodies and rotting corpses. Adolescents, a cult that kills with abandon, gory visuals and an underlying sense of disillusionment as evidenced in the main character all collide to forge a slab of celluloid that was fun to watch and carefree. If you're perhaps looking for something that breaks the mould look elsewhere. If you are in the mood for a stylistic, well acted and savage piece of cinema then you have stumbled upon a gem.

Reviewed by sedmak7 1 / 10 / 10


There isn't a single aspect of this movie that works. It has some if the dullest shots ever seen on film, half of the movie is literally just people walking and acting confused. It's even a bigger disgrace that they dared to even remotely allude that the events depicted are based on a true story. If you plan on watching it just because of Crispin Glover, he's in the movie for like a minute and has no lines.

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