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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Idiot-Deluxe 7 / 10 / 10

Great biker movie - easily the best in the series.

"Yep, I'd say in a pretty town like this, outlaw bikers outta stand out like a Great Danes balls". Snake Eater 3: His Law is the third and unfortunately the last entry of the Snake Eater series - it is however, very easily, the best of the three. It's lean and mean and peppered with humor. It's Lorenzo Lamas pitted against an ongoing assortment of: bar room thugs, "wild-eyed greaseballs", quarrelsome n' incompetent coppers, crooked businessmen and gun-wielding outlaw bikers. And well, sparks fly..... especially at the end. The general plot of the movie revolves around an elderly couples daughter, who's kidnapped by a gang of bikers and over time is turned into a vegetable, through forced drug-use and rough and wild gangbang action. The hero of this terrific direct-to-video classic (Lorenzo Lamas) is hired by the parents to track down and kill the bikers and that's exactly what happens and it's a blast to watch. Several blasts actually. The casting is great in this movie, especially (former WWF wrestling star) Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow (RIP) in the role of "Goose" - he was MADE FOR THE ROLE and damn does he play it perfectly; he's great in all his scenes and has one of cinema's best/funniest death scenes. What's that you say "funniest" how could a death scene be funny? Watch it and see, because there's "More than one way to cook a Goose". Plenty of shoot-out's, a great bar fight, a strip club pop-in, antique shop visits, hotels afire and of course plenty of T & A. To my way of thinking B-Movies don't get much better than this. This is a lovely little nugget of action, intrigue and romance from the early 90's, which is probably the best era ever for action movies. If you were comparing biker movies I would say only "Stone Cold" (1991) is better than this, because after all you simply can't beat Lance Henriksen as Chains! The movie culminates when an orgy of guns n' grenades erupts at "The Clubhouse", which is the secluded hangout of the biker gang known as the "Hell's Fury". Their hangout is an awesomely convincing and well-worn looking dive of a place, the interior is real grubby and loaded with all kinds of miscellaneous biker schwag. Talk about perfect set construction (and eventual DE-struction). Kind of a shame to see it explode at the end. This movie stands tall in the category of violent biker movies, a real shame this was the last of the Snake Eater series, but at least it went out with a bang. Lorenzo Lamas should have kept cranking these out every 2 to 3 years, these "taking out the trash" movies are a blast. Oh and by the way, the first two films of the series, they just aren't very good, especially the second one. It's puzzling when some misguided fool claims otherwise, it's almost as if they haven't seen all three films. If memory serves me correct, the first scenes in the first movie, looks as if it were filmed by a high school AV club, with hand-me-down equipment. Bad. ......anyway if you want to see an exciting biker movie, sit down and watch - Snake Eater III: His Law. Somehow when I watch this movie it never fails to elevate my mood, I guess that's the sign of a good movie. Take note of Bam Bam Bigelow's spot-on performance, probably the best performance of it's kind, well, again, except for Chains.

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 10 / 10 / 10

Snake Eater III: His Law is 90's video store action section fun!

Jack "Soldier" Kelly returns - again - in this third and final entry in the Snake Eater series. This time around, Soldier has to turn in his badge and gun - again - after his rogue ways get him suspended - again. During his forced leave of absence, a woman contacts him about a special job. The parents of Vivian Molison reach out to Soldier to tell them their sad tale. Vivian (Hway) was kidnapped, raped, and used as a sex slave by the evil biker gang the Hell's Furies. She came home, but she's so traumatized she can barely speak. All the Molison parents want is for Soldier to infiltrate the gang and kill them off one by one in a brazen act of revenge. Soldier not-so-reluctantly accepts. He then teams up with sidekick Cowboy (Mustain) and they get to work. Of course, Soldier's girlfriend Hildy (Cook) doesn't approve of his dangerous lifestyle. But Soldier meets his match with the imposing Goose (Bigelow), a tough biker dude with a bladder problem. Will Soldier and Cowboy (they've really reduced heroes down to the main essentials here) escape alive, and thrive, after they strive to destroy the bikers' hive? Find out today! In our humble opinion, this is the best of the Snake Eater series. While some of the wacky humor didn't quite work in the other two outings, here it does. And while that humor didn't always gel with the action elements at work, here it does as well. And at a running time of an even 90 minutes (as opposed to the 109 as advertised which is incorrect) it clocks in right where it should be, in contrast to the sequels which tried your patience at times. Granted, there are some pacing issues here too, but they're reined in. Lamas is charming, as ever, and seems to be having fun. What with some of his clever inventions to off the baddies, he's sort of like a cross between Renegade and MacGyver. Interestingly, there's a scene at a motel where Soldier and Cowboy come under siege from the evil bikers, and they have to bust through the walls of the motel. Such a scene was also seen in that same year's Universal Soldier (1992) - coincidence? Could this be an indication of a future crossover, Universal Soldier Kelly? Time will tell. Actually, time has already told, and the answer appears to be no. In the evil biker department we have Bam Bam Bigelow - oh, excuse us, SCOTT "Bam Bam" Bigelow. Somehow he just doesn't seem like a "Scott". But presumably he added his first name so he could seem more professional. If his movie career had taken off, like for example the way it did for The Rock, would it make sense to see a poster and it simply says "Bam Bam" at the top of it? Regardless, it is fun to watch this cartoonish villain with his silly threats and goofy gruff voice face off against Lamas. Snake Eater III (you gotta love the Roman numerals, it really gives things a touch of class) does indeed give you what you want: an extended barfight, a classic WYC (White Yelling Chief), a rogue cop who has to turn in his badge and gun, and blow-ups and violence by a cop who plays by his own rules. Hence, the Snake Eater series finally comes into its own. Sadly, just as it was warming up, the series ended. Such is life. Apparently this outing was based on a novel, "Rafferty's Rules", but the others in the series weren't (?) but Snake Eater III: His Law is 90's video store action section fun and you'll surely be entertained. For more action insanity, drop by:

Reviewed by yatahaeshadai 10 / 10 / 10

The last installment of the trilogy

Well Soldier Kelly is out and back working as a detective (we have to use our imagination to figure out how)for the first 10 minutes at least. Then of course he is on suspension again and working with an ex-biker PI to bring justice to a raped college student. He gets in the most unbelievable situations but always seems to make you believe them. This time he has a real love interest and she broadens the character nicely. Like us she falls for his line every time but circumstances are beginning to make her question her ability to stay involved with him. Great martial arts scenes(one where he is out matched)and the tongue in cheek humor these movies are noted for. There is only one problem with this movie.Sadly, it was the last.

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