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Chelsea Field as Cathy
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Steven Bauer as Al Lucero
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blackcircles 6 / 10 / 10

I can't believe I own a copy of this

This is easily the stupidest movie in my collection, but Pamela Anderson is at the peak of her seductive powers in this film. It's worth seeing for her, and also if you want to give the fast forward and rewind functions on your VCR a workout. I'm not exactly sure what the film is about, but I don't really care either. She will never be this sexy again.

Reviewed by refinedsugar 4 / 10 / 10

Mildly Titillating

As far as T&A flicks go, I've seen worse than this. I know that's not much of a recommendation to go on, but who rightfully cares. Snapdragon stars Pamela Anderson pre-Baywatch as a women with psychological problems. Enter police psychologist (Bauer) who starts working with her trying to help her combat nightmares and such. Of course this means them eventually ending up in the sack together, but you could have probably seen that coming from a mile away without me telling you. The movie features a lame plot twist or two and the ending is really absurd but Pamela Anderson looks good and that's what it comes down to in the end and probably why you'll wanna see this for in the first place.

Reviewed by gridoon 4 / 10 / 10

A stagnant thriller

Regardless of one's personal feelings about the notorious Ms. Pamela Anderson, it would be foolish IMO to deny that until about 1996 she was an incredibly beautiful woman. Her face was comparable to Brigitte Bardot's, and her body was (or at least looked) more natural and well-proportioned. She has a couple of fairly hot sex scenes in this movie, however they are cut pretty short. "Snapdragon" as a whole seems to have many elements of a solid B-movie (including a female serial killer and Oriental mythology), but the execution is off-target: the pacing is stagnant, there are too many dull stretches in the middle, and the payoff isn't much of a surprise. Others have compared this film to "Basic Instinct", but it reminded me more of Drew Barrymore's "Doppelganger"; unless you are a hardcore Pamela Anderson fan, check out that one instead. (*1/2)

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