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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sujan-28692 9 / 10 / 10


One word that can describe this film is - Beautiful. Two best things of this film are cinematography by Diego Romero & of course the direction of Buddhadev Dasgupta. Every frame is captured beautifully. The film is all about Self-exploration. All the actors portrayed their characters in a very natural way. There are many characters who appeared only for few mins, but you'll love all the characters equally. Anwar & Lalu is one of the best Duos I've seen in films. Our favourite Farrukh Jafar is lovable. Hope to see Ananya Chatterjee & Adarsh (Character name) more in future. Highly recommending to watch this film, it'll surely not disappoint you.

Reviewed by An_OkIndividual 7 / 10 / 10

This movie takes my understanding of cinema/story-telling to a whole new place. I don't yet know the adjective that can justify the experience.

Every frame of the film starting from the chariot and ending at the sweet little dance felt precious, and so the film did exceptionally well to keep the viewer engaged throughout it's length. I personally am surprised and disappointed at the amount of negative reviews I am seeing on the web and hence feel a reason to shout out and express my gratitude towards the team of people that made this film. Thank you so very much.

Reviewed by abhicoolbhati 7 / 10 / 10

No nepotism..... Bollywood rocks

Star kids first learn how to act in movies and learn from the best in the business

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