Snow Prince



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Tadanobu Asano as Seiichi Shirai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashishisin 9 / 10 / 10

Amazingly Beautiful ...

I don't have words to express the magic this movie has did on me. Just saw this movie and I'm speechless about it. Many Japanese movies are like this...they left you amazed,happy or heart full of tears. This movie is also of same category but somehow different cause it includes all of it. This movie have everything,every emotion to capture heart of the viewer. This is A really beautiful story with amazing kind and tender touch of love and innocence. The relation between a poor boy and a rich girl in mid 1930's, relation between a grandpa and his grand child, relation between a boy and a clown of the circus is just amazing. This movie is more centered upon the poor boy who is living with his grand father. The actors in this movie are just amazing. It felt so real to me when i saw this movie, especially the child actors were amazing. I recommend it to everybody.

Reviewed by alexfromhorn / 10

Beautiful touching movie

It is hardly understandable how it is possible that this movie has less than 100 ratings on imdb (right now in 2018) although it's already 9 years old. What are people watching if not movies like these? It is for grown ups as well suited as for children. It is a very good almost magical drama, I can certainly imagine this to be a Ghibli Studios movie with it's charm and depth and incredibly charming characters. It was not a highly budgeted production which will make some small mistakes forgivable, although it's not a cheap production either. The acting was great and very believable, the dialogues were sometimes and bit artificial but maybe this was just a translation issue. It's a charming, interesting, exciting and unforgettable movie, watch it.

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