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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lylemacdonald 2 / 10 / 10

Two women go snowmobiling on artificial snow

In an attempt to hide out for a short period from the psychotic ex-husband of one of them, two women are trapped in a mountain community by a massive (yet unseen) snowstorm that closes all roads and blankets the entire area except for the immediate vicinity of the heroines. Their retreat becomes less enjoyable when they realize they have been followed the entire trip. Apparently this misnomered movie was written, and directed, by people who had never seen an actual snowstorm. It's very hard to feel suspense when the events and situations are unrealistic, nor when the surprise outcome is predictable from the very beginning. The lack of fresh snow after a blizzard, nor any scenes where a blizzard was occurring, made me gnash my teeth.

Reviewed by caa821 4 / 10 / 10

Telegraphed almost instantly

If you have any advance information about this flick - and that is nearly always the case - you know who is really going to be revealed the menacing, homicidal character, about 1-1/2 seconds (or less) after he first appears on-screen. The supposed "red herrings" here are mostly very light pink ones, and you are constantly distracted that the supposed blizzard, discussed as if it were one of the worst in a century, seems to have remarkable little effect on the goings-on. As another comments indicated, the most redeeming aspect of this film is the attractiveness of the two female leads. Neither the storyline nor their thespian skills offer a great deal additional.

Reviewed by goodridge_winners 4 / 10 / 10


Well...where do I start. This movie was on at 'midday movie time', 12:00 in the afternoon. Now, I usually do not expect a lot from the movies displayed at this time, and this movie did not change my mind on this opinion. I think many people can whole-heartedly agree with me when I say Mid-day movies are generally tragic. Now to review: I think that in the end I was rather pleased with the plot of the story. This isn't a spoiler so I won't put in any details. I was shocked with the outcome of who the bad guys were and what not, and I think that the 'key' at the end was a good idea. The downside of the movie however were the goofs! There were so many subtle errors and silly mistakes that the director made when blocking the scenes. OK, so a lot of the decisions made were to benefit the rest of the storyline, but it was still rather tragic. The best actor (though still very poor) was Barbera. My review is hardly very in-depth with justification, but I only have 1000 words. So, with that...i say: It was good for a midday movie, and brought me back into the room after each ad break.

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