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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10 / 10

Different kind of ...

When you read Snowflake (english title), you may think this is about politics, but it has absolutely nothing to do with that. So in case you were thinking in that direction, forget about it. I actually don't know if there could've been a different title for this movie. It is really something crazy and almost unique. At least for Germany and it's filmmaking culture. This really goes full throttle when it comes to crazy. It takes one idea and runs with it. No prisoners taken. That means it may have issues from time to time and the movie feels like it's done in chapters (when you realize it was shot over a period of 4 years, mostly on weekends, due to money/funding problems, it makes sense) ... if you don't mind that and like movies to take it to the next level, break the 4th wall (and any other walls nearby with it), then you could do a lot worse. This is fun and silly, but especially driven to be different. And it very much succeeds in that regard. If you have an affinity for low budget movies with hillarios ideas ... come on in and enjoy the show!

Reviewed by torsten-dewi-1 8 / 10 / 10

A radical, smart, action packed and hilarious thrill ride for Quentin Tarantino & Kevin Smith fans alike - from Germany!

I have waited way too long and have seen way too many miserable German films - but "Snowflake" is my reward, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow of shite. Not since "Run, Lola, run" has a film blended action, humor, violence and smart dialog so perfectly. It's also a brilliant meditation on the nature of movie making and determinism/free will. It's nigh unbelievable that - due to a lack of studio or network support - this was actually filmed over the course of four years (mostly on weekends). It looks absolutely polished, never openly betraying its very limited budget. Is it flawless? Almost. Sure, the final act could've done with some minor trimming, the title is a bit bland and the sections that were shot in English are a bit more awkward than the rest - but these are minor quibbles. Watch it in German, if you can - watch it with subtitles, if you must. But watch it. You'll have one hell of a time.

Reviewed by pascal-charpentier81 8 / 10 / 10

Proof that German movies can be cool

This movie is a much needed breeze of fresh air in a country where most of the movies take them-self way to serious. Snowflake is so unusual, so funny and first and foremost so entertaining. The cast is tremendous. Doesn't matter if it is the both leads Reza Brojerdi and Erkan Acar with their banter or Alexander Schubert as the screenwriter or on screen legend David Gant. Also the look is what really elevates the movie. The cinematography makes you think you are watching something with a much higher budget that they actually got, all crowdfunding by the way. I hope that this will make it's way into movie theaters nationwide and even internationally eventually but nonetheless I have no doubt in my mind that director Adolfo Kolmerer will make his way as well as Arend Remmers who delivered this incredible script. Snowflake delivers on every level. Go watch this movie and enjoy it as much as I did.

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