Soeurs d'armes



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February 19, 2020


Dilan Gwyn as Zara
Mark Ryder as Al Britani
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by munnijakbinlol 9 / 10 / 10


It's amazing, it really shows what happened to us , and there are thousands of stories worse than Zara and what happened to her family, it's so tragic and what happened to us is not forgotten, thanks to every single one, helped a little bit to us to a big

Reviewed by ariyajaila 10 / 10 / 10


While Trump decided to abandon the Kurds, it is vital to help them. This film reminds us how the won the war for us. First real feminist war movie. God it is so good to see powerful women

Reviewed by alinaalondra 10 / 10 / 10

moving war film

It is a very moving that pays a well-deserved homage to all Kurdish and Yezidi fighters and resistance fighters. It also shows us the barbarism and extremism of some and of course it does not help everyone ... There are always some who want to get off a movie because some truths annoy them, do not listen to them. For her first film, Caroline Fourest gets away with honors. A project initiated in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Fourest has had the time to refine his remarks and if one ignores his feminist projections combined with his dubious amalgamations on monotheism, one obtains a visceral and necessary cinematographic work. On the casting side, Amira Casar is an imperial Kurdish leader surrounded by combatants of various ethnicities, religions and nationalities. We will appreciate the very symbolic and moving friendship between the French Kenza (Arab Muslim of Algerian origin) and Yaël Cohen, respectively performed by Camélia Jordana and Esther Garrel. Zara (Fragile and sublime Dilan Gwyn), the Yezidi whose people were genocided by the Islamists. The American black sniper, incarnated by a super credible Nanna Blondell. Overall actresses / actors are fully invested, in accordance with the dramatic issues of the subject Photography is successful. A favorite for managing the music and more generally the sound that perfectly nourish the intensity of the film. I can only advise you to go to see this film for 2 reasons - Because it is very successful from a technical point of view - For the duty of memory towards these fighters who gave their lives to go to disillusion these ISIS fightere

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