Soldier of Fortune

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Clark Gable as Gay Langland
Gene Barry as Troy Barrett
James Hong as Harold Fat
Susan Hayward as Irene Bennett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Suspense , adventure movie bristles with cliches , but it boasts two good stars , Gable and Hayward

A woman , Susan Hayward , enlists a shipping magnate , Clark Gable , to help her to find his lost husband , Gene Barry , in Red China . Meanwhile , Clark becomes involved with a motley collection of unsavoury underworld figures. As there are rumors that the hubby might be held by the Communist Chinese military as a spy and Gable set out in hunting the missing man in Hong Kong , Macao and Canton . An entertaining but slowly paced adventure has Gable as a shady smuggler entrepreneur who attempts to save the husband photographer of a distinguished Mistress, Hayward. Late Clark vehicle with the ordinary formula beginning to fall and feel the postwar strain ; besides, there is not enough action to keep adventure fans happy . It hardly ever delivers fast movement , though there is an exciting final getaway . Still a decent but mediocre fun, at times , from two top drawer stars, Gable and Hayward. As Susan had been among the myriad starlets vying for the Scarlett OHara role nearly two decades early .Here Hayward has a character less dynamic than those she was used to at the time , like the Oscarized : I want to live¡ . Support cast is pretty well , there's plenty of notorious secondaries as Michael Rennie , Gene Barry , Jack Kruschen , Russell Collins , Tom Tully , Leo Gordon, Richard Loo , Mel Welles , a very small role by James Hong , Alexander D'Arcy , and it is surprise to find the glamour of a silent cinema great star : Anne Stern as a middle-age woman who marries Russell Collins. The picture contains colorful cinematography in Cinemascope, Color De Luxe, by Leo Tover, probing his camera really makes the teeming streets and water-ways of Hong Kong and Macao spring to life . And sensitive and romantic musical score by Hugo Friedhofer, including oriental sounds. The film was regular but professionally directed by Edward Dmytryck . He was a fine craftsman who directed a lot of films, some of them are considered classic movies .Howewer, Edward's later pictures tended to be on the sluggish side , such as Soldier of Fortune .Edward was a member of the communist party and he was denounced before HUAC . He was one of the so-called " Hollywood Ten" , though , subsequently he turned an informer and was panned by the establishment . Dmytryck made films of all kinds of genres such as Western: Shalako,Alvarez Kelly, Raintree country, Broken lance, Warlock ; Wartime : Anzio, The Caine Mutiny, Hitler's children, Young Lions, Back to Bataan ; Drama : The carpetbaggers, Mirage, The human factor, The left hand of God , The mountain, Till the end of time, Crossfire , Her first romance , Tender comrade , End of affair , Cornered , among others.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10 / 10

Hong Kong is the real star of the movie...

In search of her missing photographer husband, Jane Hoyt (Susan Hayward) arrives in Hong Kong and learns at the U.S. Consulate that her mission is futile, that neither the United States nor the British government can help her... She turns in despair to Hank Lee (Clark Gable), an American soldier of fortune who runs a profitable smuggling business on each side of the bamboo curtain... Hank is attracted to Jane's sultry red-haired beauty... He develops a personal interest in the lady, but when she repulses his advances, he realizes that the only way to win her over is to rescue her husband... Aided by an incorruptible English harbor policeman, Inspector Merryweather (Michael Rennie), he discovers that her husband is being held prisoner near Canton, where he is being brainwashed... Hank prepares to rescue Hoyt in his powered junk, Chicago, and is annoyed to find Inspector Merryweather aboard... Since the inspector knows the nature of Hank's merchandise, he was held prisoner aboard the sailing vessel... Later, however, when Hank's crewmen desert rather than enter Red China, Merryweather, realizing that this is a rescue mission, offers his help... Clark Gable was getting a little too old for these kinds of actions, but the film holds attention with its good yarn and its interesting locations... Hayward looks different without her famous long tresses... This was her second movie with the tall, gaunt Michael Rennie... She had one scene with him in 'Demetrius and the Gladiators.' Ironically, this anticommunist adventure film was directed by Edward Dmytryk, one of the 'Hollywood Ten.'

Reviewed by windyintr 7 / 10 / 10

One of my Favorites

Gable and Hayward are great to watch and Hong Kong is the uncredited star of this flick. Admittedly, Gable was not in his prime but he had the charm and sex appeal to keep viewers, especially females, interested. There is one scene between Gable and Hayward showing the harbor entrance of a typhoon that is sexier than any current movie showing actual sex. My only complaint with Susan Hayward was her hair. Her stylist really goofed on this one. Her hair was parted in such a way that she looked like she had a "comb-over" from the back. Her clothes were perfect for her neat, compact figure. She really was an adorable woman and I'm glad that she had a happy second marriage. Richard Loo was marvelous as the anti-communist, expatriate general. His comments are as relevant today as they were in 1955. Michael Rennie was as usual the superb Brit that we all loved to watch and listen to in the '50s. But the music has always been the real hook for me. I watch this movie again and again to enjoy the wonderful music. I think David Raksin of "Laura" fame wrote the score.

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