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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sanda_moroianu 9 / 10 / 10

A Spanish Monty Python

It is beyond my comprehension why this film has such poor rating. The more we watched, the more we laughed. The value of this film resides in the dialogues: witty, silly, smart, deliciously absurd and full of allusions and friendly wink-wink's to the connoisseurs of Spanish literature. It is an adorable pastiche, a full-fledged parody, an epitome of the absurd. Don't expect it to be sci-fi- as it is presented on HBO-Go. It's (just) a silly comedy, touching on a plethora of weak spots of the contemporary society, of us as individuals. The post cards in the lobby of the only building left on Earth-who do they send them to? The sheep happily grazing on the rooftop of the only building left. The utter disruption caused by the unemployed man who starts selling lemonade, ending in everybody selling it to who knows who! The two victims of the trigger-happy priest exchanging impressions on incoming death. The group of young rebels, acting anything but rebel. All representatives of institutions in power left in twos, like in Noah's arch. A king acting as the idiot of the village... I'm smiling as I write this review. Well done, guys!

Reviewed by fdle_lengua 8 / 10 / 10

Amanece que no es poco 2.0

It is not Amanece que no es poco but is close. Rural Spanish surrealism . José Luis Cuerda at his best.

Reviewed by abisio 8 / 10 / 10


The follow up to "Amanece que no es poco" is another satire far more aggressive and deeper than the original. The critic about Spanish capitalism, class struggle and how the richer engulfs the lower classes almost on the Marxist level. Church is the another target too. Cuerda made an interesting film and if you are able to follow up the dialogs and classic literature it is even better; however it is obviously not for everybody even if you are Spanish born. A repetitive viewing could help get some of the jokes but those looking for light comedy will be frustrated and it was on the original. In brief; interesting and leave you thinking a lot. It is not as leftitest as it seems but is far from conservative.

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