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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LProductions-837-667666 1 / 10 / 10


This is the second movie from Everett Lewis that I have seen, and it shall be the last. I am actually angry that I bothered watching as much as I did (it wasn't long before I started to fast-forward). Lewis apparently casts his oeuvre based on looks, with a special affinity for well-toned torsos, and little-to-no regard for acting ability. The cast is comprised of amateurs down the line, and only worsened by the contribution by Dale Dymkoski whose forced accent (southern?) is so disgusting that it is impossible to watch any scene in which he appears. Was there a screenplay? Or was it pasted together from war stories found on the internet? There is not one second in this mess that feels true to life, or makes any logical sense. Guess what: all the Arabic character are closeted gays! How convenient. I could apply many of these comments to the other Lewis movie which I suffered through, "Lucky Bastard." This man is a charlatan and why he gets praise as some kind of LGBTQ+ ground-breaker is beyond my comprehension. I have a large collection of New Queer Cinema (about 100 titles) from around the world, and perhaps four or five are from America, which remains light-years behind even Hungary and Israel. If you are looking for a true auteur in this genre, look no farther than Marco Berger, the incredibly talented Argentine director. Or does the prospect of subtitles scare you away?

Reviewed by leejnelson-683-103195 6 / 10 / 10

Nice body, crap film.

It was so drawn out with little to no action. It was technically a bad film too the lighting was poor, the lines were crass, really the only good thing was the fact that the main character was shirtless for most of the film... If you need a film to send you to sleep go for it otherwise move on...

Reviewed by ksf-2 6 / 10 / 10

another good LGBT from Lewis...

Price (Bryce Blais, with his great abs) goes to the gulf states, as someone says, looking for his "friend". boyfriend Bo is in the military, but has gone missing. Khaled Haider is Price's tour guide, who may or may not have answers to questions that Price has not yet asked. Sadly, no locations are listed on imdb... so many beautiful places. Too bad we don't know where they were filmed. Dale Dymkoski is "Combs", who pops up now and then, but for most of the film, we're not sure what his role is. he's a little too jovial, always cracking wise-ass jokes to communicate. Liberal use of sound effects.. in the background, we continually hear chopper noises and air force jets flying past. The story is good, but it's pretty lightweight, as we skip over any real deep detail. some cheesy lines, and some plot holes, but it's entertaining. and the fact that homosexuality is illegal here adds an element of danger. Bryce Blais spends much of the film shirtless, so that's interesting. Written and directed by Everett Lewis, who also did Pretty Boys, Luster and Skin and Bone, all ( good!) LGBT films. Lewis used some of the same cast here for Pretty Boys. Good stuff!

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