Something Borrowed

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Ginnifer Goodwin as Jacqueline Kennedy
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Reviewed by Robert W. 8 / 10 / 10

Surprised at the backlash. Decent comedy.

This film seems to be receiving a host of really bad vibes from people. I, for one, am quite surprised. Yes the film is heavy on infidelity, broken friendships, lying, cheating, and everything else but isn't that life? And not only that why is everyone so upset about watching it in an age of trash Television and reality shows that have one person dating multiple people all the time, or Soap Operas where infidelity is common place. A lot of professional critics have this at the tops of their worst movies of 2011 lists and I'm confused. It isn't a bad movie, its entertaining, the characters are decent, the chemistry is good, the romance is there...its pretty straight forward. It isn't mind blowing but its perfectly entertaining and that's really all that matters. Ginnifer Goodwin is very well known for been the consummate good girl. Sweet, and always pure. So it was kind of nice to see in her in a romantic comedy where her character is pure as the driven snow. She's flawed and the entire situation is flawed and she's good in her role. Kate Hudson is her best friend and basically an unlikable dirt bag but she does the role well. I am not a big Hudson fan so I was all for seeing play the promiscuous party girl that you won't like at all. It obviously helps soften the fact that her best friend is cheating with her fiancé. Moral? No. But not the point. Colin Egglesfield is the object of both their desires. The problem is that Egglesfield is kind of unlikable too. Him and Goodwin have good chemistry but he sort of bounces back and forth between being a romantic lead and being sort of a moron. But the more romantic moments in the film work well enough. John Krasinski plays Goodwin's best friend and he's okay in a comic relief role but the forced and sudden potential romance between Goodwin is kind of pointless. As a director Luke Greenfield is sort of all over the board in comedies from horribly campy Rob Schneider to the slightly more sophisticated raunchy comedy of The Girl Next Door and this one falls right down the middle in many ways. I think the thing I liked about Something Borrowed is that its real, and heart felt and not your typical everything is rosy and perfect rom-com. It isn't by the books and it isn't something you can tell every single moment before it happens so for that I give them kudos and people should stop chastising the film for being what it is. Its not your perfect date movie necessarily but a decent, if not slightly dark, comedy. Give it a shot. 8/10

Reviewed by sara2520 5 / 10 / 10

I understand the hate

I understand the hatred for this movie by both sexes, but I love this movie. It's one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time. Emily Griffin, the author and screenwriter of this movie, bravely tackled areas in her stories that others don't and I enjoy many of her stories and the universe she created where all the characters are connected somehow and you can see the progression of the characters in different stories. Most of the hatred from this movie comes from the Darcies of the world whether you're male or female. Yes, Darcy, the best friend,did knowingly take Dex, the object of desire, from Rachel six years ago, but most of the audience is on the side of Darcy. Because even though Darcy was obnoxious, Rachel broke the girl code by sleeping with her best friend's man and in a way taking him back from Darcy six years later. The majority of the viewers dislike the characters of Rachel and Dex because Rachel betrayed her best friend and Dex cheated on his fiancée with her best friend. These are two things frowned upon in our society. And then add more dislike if you had this happened to you in real life. This movie draws you in and depending on what side you're on whether you relate to Rachel or Darcy determines whether you like this movie are not. I never had the close female friendship like Darcy and Rachel had in the movie. Most of the girls I befriended or try to always stabbed me in the back or took advantage of me like a Darcy. So I relate more to Rachel's character and even though Darcy played wonderfully by Kate Hudson was so much fun, I rooted for Rachel like Ethan ( John Krasinski) did. Ethan was a combination of two characters from the book and represented more of the audience's viewpoint about the relationship of Darcy, Rachel, and Dex and helped move the plot forward since both Dex and Rachel acted passive aggressive about their predicament. Every Rachel needs an Ethan in her life for motivation to move forward. The movie was well done and very much like the book since it was written by the author with only a few alterations, which is why I took a point off. The editing and music were amazing. The casting was perfect and looked and acted just like the characters of the book. Kate is the perfect Darcy along with Ginnifer as Rachel, Colin as Dex, and John as Ethan. I loved the locations. New York and the Hamptons became characters of the story too. I loved this movie so much and watch it on repeat. The only things I didn't like was coming towards the end when Ethan declared his love for Rachel. It wasn't in the book, came out of left field, and made absolutely no sense. It weakened a perfect character. The other part was the ending when Darcy turns and smiles at Rachel like all is forgiven. Another part that weakened a nearly perfect movie. Darcy doesn't forgive Rachel until the second book Something Blue. I'm disappointed that since this movie has received so much hate and six years have passed, the second movie is unlikely to happened. The actors are now in the forties and all were on board for a second movie years ago, but the critics trashed the movie. I actually like Something Blue as much as I like Something Borrowed. Something Blue would have been about the redemption of Darcy's character and her and Ethan getting together which is why the final scene is of Darcy running after Ethan in London. Yet, I loved this movie, loved the friendship between Darcy and Rachel. I have so many favorite scenes in this movie but one of my favorites was the Salt and Pepper dance scene when they did all the popular hip hop dances. A coworker was the one who introduced me to this movie and paused the movie to break down the name of each dance step. Anyway, I enjoyed this movie. If you're a Rachel of the world who sits back and let someone else take everything away from you, you''ll like this movie. If you are a Darcy and hate when someone breaks the girl or bro code, have been cheated on or betrayed by your close friend, you're going to hate this movie and it will make you mad.

Reviewed by jamariana 5 / 10 / 10

Nothing original

There is absolutely nothing original about this film. I suppose that is not too great a criticism in this day and age or for the romantic comedy genre past the 1990's in general. The only thing about this movie that makes it even a little interesting to watch, I think, were the main characters, played by Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Colin Egglesfield. And that's not as much a comment on the way the characters were written or developed, because the writing is not particularly amazing, but rather a comment on the "acting talents" of these individuals, or more frankly, because they are nice to look at. They are all decent actors by my book. Goodwin and Egglesfield are better known for their roles on TV - Snow White on "Once Upon a Time" and Evan Parks on "The Client List", respectively. Kate Hudson, a gem from films such as "Almost Famous", is the best thing about this movie, but that is not saying too much. The story is blah. Goodwin and Egglesfield are the two with the chemistry and so, perhaps, that is why we are swayed to root for them, despite the fact that Egglesfield and Hudson are engaged to be married. Each character is immoral in an annoying, hypocritical way - not a sort of antihero or revenge- seeking way. Boy, this review is getting to be as bad as the film. Anyway, there is not much in the characters or the plot that inspires audience sympathy or interest. There is one thing that especially bothered me about the film - and that's how the parents of Dex (Egglesfield, may as well use the characters' names) disapprove of Rachel (Goodwin), yet approve of Darcy (Kate Hudson), when Rachel is an upper-class lawyer just like Dex and Darcy the wild party-girl. That being said, I wasn't exactly on Rachel's side, or anyone's side for that matter. If I'm being honest, the best course of action would have been if Rachel and someone else were to run off together leaving Dex alone, because why should a two-timer who strings women along get to have the happy ending?

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