Son of the South


Biography / Drama

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February 12, 2021


Brian Dennehy as Stourley Kracklite
Julia Ormond as Margaret Kittredge
Lucy Hale as Carol Anne
Sienna Guillory as Helen 2 episodes, 2003
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbpnyc-74781 10 / 10 / 10

Inspiring !

Well acted, shot and executed. Found this film to be very insightful take of the Civil Rights Movement. Timely and poignant today as it was in the early 60's. And thankfully, not a 'white savior' story. Bob Zellner needed saving and went through hell getting there, making quite an impact on not only Civil Rights but human rights.

Reviewed by thethistlegirl 7 / 10 / 10

Stellar performances and a unique perspective on historical events

A gripping and compelling story with acting that went above and beyond to do justice to the intensity and emotion of this film. Lucas Till delivered a truly outstanding performance and Bob Zellner, and the entire cast brought their best to create a film I will definitely be watching again and again. I found the perspective of this film to be uniquely important in a time when it's easy to judge each other's politics by appearance. We need more stories that prove that it's a person's character, not their family, their background, or their skin color, that makes them good, and that we can all work together to be agents of change rather than dismissing someone for being different than us, in any way. I'm looking forward to more films like this that celebrate the need for intersectional cooperation in seeking justice, rather than widen racial divides.

Reviewed by heflinbailey 7 / 10 / 10

Makes me want to read the book

The pacing was odd and some of the edits were jarring, but the story was interesting, important, and sadly still relevant today. It is a piece of modern history that folks need to know about now.

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