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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xavier_Stone 3 / 10 / 10

As confusing as a pandemic movie is supposed to be

The premise is post pandemic for months and everyone is supposed to be smart with regards to lock downs and how to get around them. But somehow some of the characters are just plain dumb. I expected much more from the producer Micheal Bay, but he's one of 17 producers so I guess he didn't have much say. Written and directed by Adam Mason who has no real movie experience besides B movies and this is almost a guaranteed failure before the first casting. On a good note, Demi Moore plays a believable housewife, everyone else just stumbles through every scene frustrating the audience. Munies are people who are immune to the virus, but it seems that they have limited intelligence to go along with it. It becomes predictable at the midpoint and this is billed as a thriller which is laughable and the final scene makes zero sense.

Reviewed by roel-willemsen 10 / 10 / 10

Fairly interesting premise with a mediocre execution

There was some potential here, and if anything, it should have allowed viewers to perfectly relate to what the characters in this movie are going through. Sadly, this movie largely falls flat. With the Covid pandemic as its backdrop, and a dystopian near future as its setting, 'Songbird' had all the ingredients for at least a solid thriller. The movie has trouble finding its own identity however, following several different plotlines, none of which are thoroughly worked out. The two main romantic leads, played by KJ Apa and Sofia Carson, get the majority of the screen time, and their arc is the one that's arguably best worked out. However, their story feels bland, and very derivative of a load of other doomed romance stories. The two bad guys, Peter Stormare and Bradley Whitford, are uninspired and boring, with neither getting to do anything particularly memorable. Add some other one-off characters played by Demi Moore, Craig Robinson and Alexandra Daddario, and you have a reasonably talented cast who are not given that much to work with. The movie's plot furthermore would have allowed the filmmaker to add some biting social critiques and maybe even some satire, but this is nowhere to be seen. The movie is a basic romance on one end, and a bland action thriller on the other. Really, aside from being a quarantine movie coming out during a quarantine, there isn't that much special about this movie. Furthermore, I have to mention my dislike of the movie's camerawork and editing. The shaky-cam aesthetic and rapid editing can work very well for certain movies, but it feels totally superfluous and unnecessary here. Overall, the actors' performances were solid enough, but the story and execution lacked in quality.

Reviewed by krunder 10 / 10 / 10

What a movie filmed during a pandemic should be!

I personally really enjoyed it all the way through and feel it's all you can hope for with a movie that was filmed during a real-life pandemic. Impressed what they managed to accomplish.

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