Sonja: The White Swan


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dakjets 8 / 10 / 10

Tough and honest film about the famous Sonja Henie

This film is about the triple Olympic champion in figure skating, and film star Sonja Henie. Sonja Henie is one of the most famous Norwegian people ever. The story of her is therefore challenging to get filmed, since her life was both complex and contains both a brilliant sports career and in the field of film / entertainment. The director of this film has chosen the focus one-sided on the movie star Henie. This has been criticized, but I think it's a good choice. The director had to make a choice. The film takes us along with Henie to Hollywood, where she is quickly offered to make big money on ice shows and eventually movies. The figure skating career has made her known. It's a huge success, which the film manages to bring out very well. The film depicts Henie as both a great diva, who treated all those around her as objects she could use for what she wanted from them. In this film she is presented both as cold and calculating, and without the ability to empathize with both family members and employees. What I was wondering during the movie was what was her underlying motivation to do as she did, and make the choices she made? But anyway, she became the best-paid female actor in Hollywood, and toured with her shows for sold out venues in the United States. The film takes time to bring us into this genre and era, and it is done on a very good and convincing way. Ine Marie Wilmann is brilliant as Henie in this movie. Wilman manages to present sides to Henie as a tough, hard-core business woman. I was thinking after this movie, that Henie might have been ahead of time, when it, as a woman, came to negotiating good contracts and deals. Anyway, this is a great movie, and anyone who is excited about biographical films will benefit from it, and at the same time learn a lot about one of Norway's most famous women ever.

Reviewed by jeff-tick 6 / 10 / 10

Don't expect to learn much about the life of Sonja Henie

I saw this film last night and although Ine Marie Wilmann gave an outstanding performance as a willful, domineering, forthright, Sonja Henie, one couldn't help feeling as though one missed more than half her story; ie. the reason the film was made in the first place. The story focuses primarily on Henie's life in America as a Diva/business woman, making bold deals with the film industry and business associates and as a rich spoiled egocentric star who abuses those working for her. There is a lot of time taken up with her relationship to her assistant - Connie, who is a fictional character. Although this might symbolize the relationship she had with her associates, one has been dealt an empty hand when it comes to knowing how the past contributed to her present psyche in Hollywood. Her skating achievements are glossed over, portrayed primarily as a little child learning to skate from home movies. Although the film is interesting because it portrays Sonja Henie (who has not been overexposed in films for most of us), and the fact that Ine Marie Wilmann's acting makes the movie worth seeing, I gave it a 6, because it is at the same time disappointing since we don't really understand the incredible story of this multi-talented artist. The film is pretty much summed up at the end, when the few flashing epilogue words are portrayed so quickly one can't really read them in the time given. My Norwegian wife told me Norwegians have a hard time for idolizing anyone, (Knut Hamsun included), who had any dealings with Nazis, which may explain why this Norwegian film was made with the focus it did. Is it worth seeing? Yes, but one can learn more from a 2 minute reading of Wikipedia about Sonja Henie's life, than from the nearly 2 hour long film.

Reviewed by CineMuseFilms 6 / 10 / 10

A mediocre bio-pic of a 1930s skating movie star

Bio-pics presume a subject worthy of a story, but what if the storytelling depicts an unlikeable character whose achievements were only ever guided by self-interest: has the film been worthwhile? Sonja: The White Swan (2018) raises this question. Born to wealthy parents in Norway in 1912, Sonja Henie (Ine Marie Wilmann) was a child prodigy on ice. After the best trainers in the world polished her figure skating skills, she won her first world title at 10 years of age and, the following year, was the youngest person ever to compete at the Olympic Games. As she grew, her unique gift would be combining balletic choreography, white boots, short skirt and dramatic music in ways that transformed the sport into the spectacular event it is today. The lure of commercial ice shows led Sonja to leave the sport and eventually become another piece of hot property for Hollywood. Her early films were a huge success, making her one of America's most wealthy women during a seven-year movie career. The film shows how, along the way, she exploits and mistreats those closest to her: a sub-cast of family, personal assistant, and the Hollywood mogul, Daryl Zanuck. A classic 'fallen star', she becomes a victim of success, ego, and hedonism, as well as drug and alcohol-fuelled parties evocative of Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby (2013). Viewers interested in the history of the sport may find the story interesting, but many will find it neither enjoyable nor worthwhile. There are simply no emotional anchors offered in the film, with Sonja devoid of any redeeming charms, leaving the rest of the ensemble difficult to care about. Most problematic is the direction. Sonja's story straddles sport and Hollywood, yet strangely the film glosses over the very material that entitles her to claim a place in history, preferring to dwell on the paths she took towards her own demise. Even her Nazi sympathies are merely a passing point of interest, despite the complexities they raised at the time. Just being an historical figure is not sufficient for holding viewers' attention or creating emotional engagement. With many of the key filmic ingredients readily available, the story could have been told differently and been both enjoyable and worthwhile. Instead, it must settle for being a mediocre bio-pic of a once great skater who briefly became a movie star. Director: Anne Sewitsky Stars: Ine Marie Wilmann, Valene Kane, Eldar Skar

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