Sorry Angel

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by willeasyer 9 / 10 / 10

Perfect joy!

This movie really made me feel great and calm, it's cute beautiful and heart-wrenching. first, the direction, Aesthetic, and production are very elegant it feels nostalgic and greeting and the non-linear, original way the story is told is very captivating. a charming story about two totally different men and their not so love at first sight romance. a perfect portrayal of gay men lives in the french 90, clandestine sex, aids, and loneliness tackled with a warming and funny manner it's truly the kind of movie that puts butterflies in your stomach, the production, the direction the story and the acting everything is top. it's very touching, funny, heartbreaking and it made me miss Paris & want to go there. I had a wonderful time this film made me want to live again; to explore and love; the romance between Jacques and Arthur as unconventional as it is was pleasing plus Pierre Deladonchamps was very touching and faultless in his role. one of the best movies I saw this year

Reviewed by veronicalanderson-37005 10 / 10 / 10

Great movie

The characters felt real. I could connect with and care about them. At first, I thought it would be love conquers all but the path to love isn't always a pleasant one and still ita may not lead to happily ever after. That last part of the movie struck me on a level I can't yet explain. As I said, I loved the movie and even hours after watching, I'll still thinking of the characters.

Reviewed by alanh20004 10 / 10 / 10

Honore's Most Personal, Accessible, and Divisive Film

The person who saw Sorry Angel with me initially mislabeled it as another gay-AIDS-relationship movie, missing the point: It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it. Christophe Honore never lacks ideas, and--to his good fortune--he does what he pleases. He takes risks and successfully avoids cliches; Honore is one of the world's brightest, funniest, savvy auteurs...His movies are earmarked by nostalgic romanticism, but they never wallow in the past because he is able to pay tribute without imitation, a technique that evades so many of his contemporaries. Sorry Angel is about relationships. You do not need to be gay to watch it, but you need to understand humanity and compassion. Honore gets to the meat without chewing on the fat while his poignant dialogue is relatable to everyone eventually. The context of the movie (the 90's AIDS epidemic) is a setting for the text (based on the director's university years and his gay idols, writers and directors who died from the disease) but it is the subtext, Honore's observations about relationships--discerning, unsentimental, realistic portrayals of humans both gay and straight--which elevates the movie to the forefront of cinematic reflections. Where Robin Campillo's recent BPM (another stunner) focuses on activism, Honore shows us sympathy and love during an era of uncertainty and chaos. Jonathan Romney notes that Sorry Angel is a "novelistic film" because it presents itself like great literature. The plot might be purposefully transparent, but the devil is in the details.

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