Space Milkshake


Comedy / Sci-Fi

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December 8, 2019



Amanda Tapping as Donna
Billy Boyd as Anton
George Takei as Self
Kristin Kreuk as Tilda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ijameson 8 / 10 / 10

Funny sci-fi

Hey Hollywood, See this movie? Made on a budget, yet it manages to be better than any of your recent blockbusters. An interesting idea, interesting characters, and good acting. It's also funny. Watch it, take notes, and please try to learn something. Thanks.

Reviewed by C.J.-4 6 / 10 / 10

A strange gem in a big universe!

This film completely passed my radar and I only came across it by accident. Some well-known actors in a film that draws on the same dead-pan humor and special effects as Red Dwarf. Kristin Kreuk looks great as usual. Amanda Tapping gives a good performance not too far removed from her character on Star Gate and, as expected, George Takei from Star Trek does a great voice for a very unusual visitor to the space station. Personally, I liked it. Just don't expect Star Wars - the budget wouldn't have stretched that far. Don't take it seriously and just go along for the ride. It's daft in places - but laugh-out loud in others. Worth a watch!

Reviewed by karen5778 6 / 10 / 10

If you like the genre, it's pretty good and funny

There is a new genre out there: science fiction as work place comedy. This is one of the better examples. It puts no effort into logic or sciencetific plausibility. Some of the characters are fairly funny. The acting is professional. I usually find these things either too cloying or silly but this one is pretty decent. If you like it, you should love Interplanetary from 2008 not the blockbuster I can't see giving this much of a rating considering its mediocrity;it doesn't aspire to more and that is just fine. This is a line to make the review long enough.

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