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Erin Noble as Doctor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ravencorinncarluk 4 / 10 / 10

Needed to be in a dystopian future

Only slightly sub-par, but pretty gory. Definitely has a few little holes and story parts that don't quite make sense. I mean, weapon-arms are neat, but why risk infection and weakness by doing it? Unless it were to replace limbs lost in the arena, and then I'd totally understand. I liked the score, and some of the deaths were B-movie gruesome. The ending did put a smile on my face. However, what this really needed was to be a couple decades into a post-apocalypse, or in some lawless strife-ridden foreign country. This scale of kidnapping and killing in America didn't quite work for me without there being some much deeper conspiracy.

Reviewed by Sergiodave 4 / 10 / 10

Wannabe Thunderdome

Do not mistake this with the really good 2015 movie 'Spare Parts'. This is poor, the acting, script and everything else is just poor. A better version of this style of movie is Raze (2019) starring Zoe Bell, that is far more watchable. This is just rubbish.

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10 / 10

a bloody heinous story...

From the gridiron scrapyard out in nowhere where they dont need another hero alla the thunderdome of mad max, but where they need new candidates for the gladiatourous fight for life and survival that far outreaches the needs of the average viewer, and counterwisely nourishes the blood and gore fanatic. its about 4 girl rock band that gets kidnapped on the road leaving a gig in a hillbilly rats nest in arcadia. they become screwed and scrootinized upon till theyve become perfect weapons, and you might say that theyve been arm-ed and equiped with deadly hand-weapons. will not spoil more here... just say that the story and plot is of the pathetic kind, the acting are b and c division like, and all in all for the average viewer a crime against humanity, due to bestiallic killings and inhumanity , in a film, by the way, where no animals and pets where harmed... but there are some aspects that could be limelighted abit in a grumpy old mans objectiveness. the musical score is pretty hard core and perfect for the rythm of the life a soul of the movie. the blood and gore special effects, and ingenious armoured weapons are extremely realistic and well made. the film has also got some fight scenes that made my saggy jaw drop even more ,especially the initial barfigt in the start of the movie is tremendous... but a feinschmecker it aint, its too beastly and cruel for the mainstream viewer, but its a perfect bloodgalore en masse' for the blood and gore enthusiast.

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