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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10 / 10

This space "tail" is completely spark less

Being a huge lifelong animation buff, and always judging animated films as family films and as a young mature adult but a child at heart, 'Spark' could have been much more. Especially when considering the high calibre of vocal talent and that the concept was a decent one. 'Spark' is not an irredeemably awful animated film, there are a few things that make it a could-be-much-worse watch. One also cannot accuse 'Spark' of not trying, it's very low budget stuff but it isn't completely lazy. If anything actually 'Spark' tries too hard, and after watching personally was left feeling disappointed more than satisfied. Considering that people like Patrick Stewart and Susan Sarandon were involved one would naturally expect it to be better than it turned out to be. The best thing about it is Stewart. The accent isn't great, sounding more Russian than Scottish, but of the voice cast Stewart is easily the liveliest of the bunch and the one who fits the most, the character fitting him like a glove. He does boast the odd amusing moment and conveys some dignity and gravitas. Jessica Biel also fares reasonably well, her voice is also a good fit and she brings a toughness and sassiness. There is the odd amusing moment, all with Stewart's Captain. However, odd amusing moment is nowhere near enough. There are a lot of jokes and moments meant to be funny, but one knows there's something wrong when they're left stone-faced for most of them and few hit the mark. The space roaches were clearly meant to be comic relief scene stealers but ended up being completely pointless and annoying. 'Spark' injects a lot of references (the most recognisable being 'Star Wars') and Asian and Western genre ingredients that strives to be clever but ended up blatantly obvious and cheaply placed and random, not serving much of a purpose either. There is a big problem with target audience and who it's aiming at. It tries to cater to both children and adults and sadly fails at both. Children will find that the jokes will go over their heads with them mainly being too young to understand them, they are likely also to have trouble following the story too (as a young adult who has seen her fair share of very layered films that do a lot and succeed that was one of 'Spark's' biggest issues). Adults on the other hand will find the opposite problem, they will get the jokes and the references but find them juvenile and dumbed down and dislike how they're placed. Voice talent-wise, only Stewart and Biel come off successfully. The cast do their best but it was a case of too many of them not fitting their characters. Jace Norman (who is an older teenager himself but struggles to capture the attitude and mannerisms of a teenage character not that much younger) and Hilary Swank (voicing a character in need of dignity which Swank doesn't capture) are too bland and lightweight for their roles. On the other hand, Alan C. Peterson overdoes it and comes over as more hammy and over-the-top than menacing (some may argue that was the intent, but Zhong was never really a threat and was too exaggerated for a villain which didn't feel right within the film). Susan Sarandon, with her character's name guaranteed to induce groans, just sounded wrong, and everybody else has characters that lack personality or irritate which shows in their delivery. When it comes to the animation, there is certainly far worse looking animation. It certainly isn't as cheap as the animation in the output of Video Brinquedo, Spark Plug Entertainment, the later 'Swan Princess' sequels or the ones for 'Alpha and Omega', or when it comes to traditional animation, the completely unnecessary sequels to animated masterpieces (like the one for 'The Secret of NIMH'), all of which showed a lack of effort. There's far better too, this is not intending to sound unfair but it does lack the finesse and polish of the best of Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks. A few decent colours here and there but a lot of it is blocky, flat and static with a distinct lack of imagination. In terms of music, there is nothing memorable here and stylistically it doesn't gel. The characters, that are basically stock archetypes, are not engaging in personality and ones we don't get to know or care about with little growth to them. The story is very fragmented and a case of a lot of noise and throwing in as much as possible and no charm, spark or heart. The pace never fires on all cylinders (children and adults alike may find themselves looking at their watches), instead being very routine, and coherence is not a strong suit either, aside from the very heavy borrowing of better films (notably 'The Lion King') the story is unfathomable. Dialogue is substandard and like the writers didn't bother to proof read what they wrote before having the script approved, some of the sentences don't even make sense and there is no substance to any of it. Altogether, not a complete waste of time but tries too hard and suffers from feeling very bland, rushed-looking, muddled, routine, over-stuffed and with things (like a lot of the voices, music and particularly the references and genre tropes) not fitting. 3/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by negablade 2 / 10 / 10

This movie straddles the fine line between being too childish for adults and too adult for children

The movie follows the story of a teenage monkey named Spark, whose planet is partially destroyed when an evil monkey named Zhong summons the space kraken. 13 years later, Spark seeks to fight back and free his world and the universe from the evil rule of Zhong. The story is cliché, but has the potential to be engaging for children and adults alike. We have an inexperienced young protagonist learning about himself and overcoming the odds. We have a slightly comedic antagonist. We have a voice talent of Patrick Stewart, who has already shown what he can do in a kids animated movie with such gems as Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Unfortunately, even the voice talent of Patrick could not save this mess For a start, the movie can't decide what it wants to be. Many of the jokes are likely to go over the heads of children. And most adults who get the jokes will not think they are funny. It tries to appeal to adults and kids, and ends up failing to appeal to either. When children in the theater are more interested in scooting down the stairs in the aisle, you know something is wrong. We also never get to see the characters grow or develop. At the end of the movie, I couldn't care less about Spark or his journey. His companions are forgettable. The problem is that the story is shallow and lets the movie down. We can't sympathise with the hero because we don't get to share any emotions with him. Spark really has little to overcome and doesn't grow much as a character. The space roaches are comedic foils, similar to Scrat from Ice Age. Scrat's trials with his acorn provide a short interlude that breaks up the main plot into smaller pieces. Moreover, we end up feeling for him as we share his failures and his successes. That is probably why he is such an engaging character and has developed a fan base all his own. The space roaches do not share the same success. They are underdeveloped and irritating, instead distracting from the main story with pointless sight gags and mimicry jokes. Finally, expect to see a lot of references to better movies. Star Wars in particular is sprinkled throughout, but also expect a little Lion King imagery just for fun. Unfortunately, here the movie fails again. The Star Wars references are cringe-worthy because they are so blatant, completely out of character, and unexplained. And as for the Lion King reference, when Mufasa appeared to Simba, I felt Simba's fear that he wouldn't match up to his father, and his growing resolve that he had to fight Scar for the sake of the Pridelands. When Spark's father appeared to him, I only thought 'Where is his mouth and what am I looking at?' Beyond that, I just didn't care. In summary, this movie is left trying to find an audience. The stories and characters were underdeveloped, and the jokes fail to appeal to any age group.

Reviewed by Animated_Antic 2 / 10 / 10

A terrible and unoriginal space epic.

There have been many animated movies that have been set in space. Some are done well that they are remembered for years to come, others are done badly that they are quickly forgotten. "Spark", however, is a movie so bad that it belongs in a $5 DVD barrel, near the bottom in fact. If you've never heard of this movie before, good. I'm glad that you don't know about it, because it's horrible. Honestly, it's one of the worst animated movies I have ever seen in my entire life. I'll explain why right now why this movie is absolutely terrible. The evil General Zhong (Alan C. Peterson) has taken over the planet the planet of Bana and has sucked up the planets inhabitants into a mysterious black hole made by a creature called the Kracken who has also broken up the planet into several shards. Thirteen years have past since then and three of the survivors named Spark (Jace Norman), Vix (Jessica Biel) and Chunk (Rob deLeeuw) have been living on underground on a garbage shard in secret with the latter two of the survivors participating in secret missions trying to overthrow the evil general. Spark, however, is left alone on the shard and wants to leave it to find his parents. After intercepting an e-mail from the Queen of Bana (Hillary Swank) asking Vix to go on a mission, Spark decides to steal the space ship on the shards to participate in an "epic space mission". What follows is a film filled with many plot holes, clichéd story lines, and elements stolen from better movies resulting in an epic disaster. I haven't hated an animated movie so much since I saw last years abysmal "Norm of the North" and while it's slightly better than that film, it still really left me feeling very angry and disgusted. From what I found out, this movie apparently cost nearly forty million dollars to make which absolutely appalled me. I can easily tell that the movies budget went into getting the Oscar winning actors that appear in the movie including Susan Sarandon, Hillary Swank, and even Patrick Stuart. The reason I say this is because the animation of this movie is inexcusably bad. It looked like it was made by a student who is just starting to use computer animation as the whole film looked like some overly cartoony video game. The story was also pretty painful. The film rips off elements that have been done better in other movies including the evil uncle from "Lion King", the elements of the force and laser swords from "Star Wars", the robot designs from "Terminator" and also the slow motion elements from "The Matrix". It was pretty painful seeing these elements done terribly. As for the characters, they're pretty forgettable and  boring. They don't do anything interesting and have nothing standing out about them. I also really hated there names. Hearing these names made me think that they were create by a first grader. Then again, if you told me this movie was written by a first grader, I'd believe that. The only element that was slightly enjoyable was the voice acting. The actors at least tried with what they were given, but I am frustrated that they signed on to do this movie. "Spark" is one of the worst animated movies I've seen in a very long time. It was so unoriginal, confusing as well as being very boring that it really angered me. I don't know what else to say, just don't watch it.  Don't even show your kids this disaster. My only advice is to skip this movie entirely and never watch it whatsoever. You'll live a happier life if you don't watch it.

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