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Daniel Craig as James Bond 1 episode, 2012
Dave Bautista as Sapper Morton
Léa Seydoux as Belle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian-9229 9 / 10 / 10

Blofelds return!!

It is truly mind boggling how many people call this film a disappointment. From Casino Royale to Spectre, James Bond has come full circle in arguably the best performance since Connery. To bring back Blofeld, and Spectre after a 30+ year absence, is a stroke of genius. The opening of Spectre alone, was worth the cost of admission to me. Like the title of the first featurette on the Spectre BD, Bonds Biggest Opening, it certainly is. This film really captured the essence of the greatest Bond films, and tweaked them to suit our time. I can easily call this one of my favorite Bond films now, as it has everything that made me love Bond films in the first place. Im also very pleased with the transfer of the BD and the color palette. Folks really need to understand the look of this film on BD is the INTENDED look of the director and D.P. and not shortcomings of the BD.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable installment in Bond series with lots of noisy action, thrills, emotion and spectacular scenes

Nice entry stars Daniel Craig as the tough, two-fisted James Bond who takes on nasty organization nicknamed Spectra with a octopus-like symbol . After a risked and disastrous assignment in Mexico, Bond is suspended. But he goes on his activities by tracking down a massive criminal syndicate. Then Bond receives a cryptic message from his dark past, it sends him pitted against a sinister and criminal group. It is led by a terrorist chief, Blofeld : Chistoph Waltz who has an ancient relationship with Bond's own childhood. While Q , Ben Wishaw, delivers him some rare and fantastic artifacts to carry out his dangerous missions. Shortly after, MI6 chief M : Ralph Fiennes is replaced by another boss, Andrew Scott. Later on, Bond meets the beautiful daughter, Lea Seydoux, of a long time enemy and then things go wrong. Once again Bond confronts an ominous and bloody organization with terrorist purports . This film takes parts of other 007 episodes as the violent fight between Bond and a hunk contender : Dave Bautista on a train , similar to Sean Connery versus Robert Shaw in From Russia with love. And the impresssive finale including the stronhold facility in the sunny desert and its destruction bears remarkable resemblance to Quantum of solace. Nicely played by Daniel Craig, this is his fourth entry, first was Casino Royale, following Quantum of solace and Skyfall. He is well accompanied by a young Bond girl, Lea Seydoux, and another Bond woman, the mature Monica Bellucci, the eldest Bond girl. The heinous leader of the powerful organization Spectra is magnetically performed by usual villain Christoph Waltz. Adding regulars of the old franchise as M well played by Ralph Fiennes, Q finely acted Ben Wishaw and Naomy Harris as Moneypenny. The film packs a colorful and glimmering cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema, shot in various locations as Mexico city, Austria and especially in London. As well as pounding and rousing musical score by Thomas Newman. The motion picture was well directed by Sam Mendes, though with no originaly. Mendes is a good director who has made some successful films played by important actors, such as : Jarhead, American Beauty, Revolutionary road, Road to perdition and another Bond movie : Skyfall. Rating: Above average. Well worth watching.

Reviewed by cricketbat 8 / 10 / 10

The best Daniel Craig Bond film

Spectre is, in my humble opinion, the best Daniel Craig Bond film. It feels like classic James Bond, instead of the Bourne-Bond hybrid we've had in the last three films. It's not without its issues, but this movie is entertaining enough that I was willing to turn off my brain at parts and just enjoy the ride. Welcome back, Bond. We've missed you.

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