Spenser Confidential


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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March 21, 2020



Alan Arkin as Lt. Rozanov
Bokeem Woodbine as Uncle Earl
Colleen Camp as Elaine Lockman
Mark Wahlberg as Blue Falcon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clarkishome 7 / 10 / 10


I was a fan of the original Spencer for hire series on TV. Seeing that Mark Wahlberg was raised in the Boston area this is a just right fit for him. Having grown up in many different cities, including the Boston area , this movie brings a lot of memories back. Wahlberg brings his unique sarcasm, wit and physical presence to the role. Although it is somewhat different than the series, it is a good PI movie that you will enjoy. The thing that people have to remember is that you have to judge movies based on categories. This will never win an Academy award, but I would not compare it to titanic or pretty woman because that's not the type of movie it is. This is an action, comedy, and some what of a mystery. If you're looking for a good action movie with unique personalities and some comedy thrown in, this is your movie, enjoy.

Reviewed by tman-21289 4 / 10 / 10


Wahlberg and Arkin are good, but there was no way to save this movie as it was written very poorly. This is supposed to be "Spenser for Hire." And it never comes close.

Reviewed by ginocox-206-336968 4 / 10 / 10

A jumble of familiar tropes

Spenser Confidential (2020) is a jumble of familiar tropes with the look and feel of a made-for-television production. Chekhov wrote that if a character hangs a gun over the mantle in the first scene, that the gun must be fired by the conclusion of the play. The act gives the object significance in the mind of the audience. Spenser Confidential hangs Chekhov's guns all over the place, but doesn't get around to firing many of them. Two central characters devote considerable time and discourse to career goals that are never realized, although they use related skills. A character is seriously wounded on multiple occasions, but seems unaffected. An unofficial private investigator accesses surveillance video, but the police never seem to bother. Like many contemporary films, the movie strives for political correctitude, often neglecting plot and character development to devote attention to social issues. An act of domestic violence is shown multiple times in flashback scenes, but seems extraneous to the plot. The cast is culturally diverse to a fault. The female love interests are maternal, age appropriate, and always fully dressed, even during a sex scene. Yet the filmmakers seem ambivalent about liberal narratives. The villains are generally Hispanic or black, with the exception of some Aryan types who are pussycats by comparison. The protagonists employ enhanced interrogation techniques and sexual victimization to extort confessions. An investigative journalist is a staunch defenders of the truth, while television journalists mindlessly parrot false accusations. A dog lover is attacked by a vicious dog. The plot is paper-thin, with reversals announced well in advance. The only surprises come when characters behave in ways that make little sense. The denouement sets up a possible sequel, although it's difficult to imagine anybody wanting to watch it, after viewing this film.

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