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Dustin Hoffman as Dottor Green
Liev Schreiber as Joe Shumate
Samuel L. Jackson as Lorenzo Council
Sharon Stone as Miriam Ebbers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgruebel 5 / 10 / 10

Muddled Crichton

"I borrowed from good writers ... like Rod Serling" one of the characters exclaims in the middle of the film. Do I ever wish. Sphere is based on not-one-of-Crichton's best efforts. Instead, go see "Andromeda Strain," which, although long and slow-paced in classic Robert Wise directorial style, creates a real atmosphere as a team of scientists struggles in an isolation facility to save humanity form a deadly virus. The film is full of cheap scares (like women-sea divers jumping up and screaming when a skeletonized human astronaut is found, one of those stereotypes). And that's pretty much all it tries to deliver. A bunch of diver-scientists discover a US spaceship from the future. It contains a mysterious sphere, which grants them the power to materialize their imagination to reality. Of course a storm traps them under water (in a great B-flick like "Deep Blue Sea," that old plot device is tolerable), and some of them die under the influence of the hallucinations/creations. Back to the surface, the survivors decide to take away the power granted by the sphere - or is one of them cheating? Sequel time! Fortunately, they did not bother making one. The movie is mediocre SF fare based on a mediocre SF novel (although Crichton has written some great ones). It replaces genuine wonder with in-your-face sounds or flashes to make you jump in your seat. The characters are so routine you wish they'd just die and get on with it. There is some competent action, and for a while (middle third) the film has spell-binding imagery, so it still gets a 5: watchable, but not really satisfying even on the first viewing.

Reviewed by razvan-rogoz 8 / 10 / 10

It could have been a masterpiece. It is not.

It borrows heavily from Solaris (the book, not the movie). The entire logic of the movie is based on it but it falls flat in some places. The problem is that while the idea is intriguing, the exposition is plain boring and the pacing is far better in the first half than in the second one. There are a few plot twists, however, all the end, you are left with a "is this all there is?" feeling. Plus, while Solaris raised philosophical questions about the nature of existence and the limits of logic, not to mention have some really disturbing and intense scenes, this falls flat. I've watched the movie for the first half on my iPad but then, I've simply left it in the background and did something else. This is one of those movies with a great potential but dumbed down so it can be a summer blockbuster. Plus, the characters are 2D archetypes. You have the serious US Navy Captain that is always all business and too cool for school. You have the care free lady genius that is a bit crazy compared to the rest. You have the highly intelligent but insecure genius. You have the an afro- American dude that is considered a prodigy yet acts like he wants to win a popularity award. Therefore, a contrast is created. The idea is good and the inspiration is clear. It could have been a lot more. But it is dumbed down to the level that I'd rather watch Man in Black than this. You don't get a smart setup and give it a stupid execution. If you want a simplistic movie, go with a simple plot. Don't go all metaphysical and then break it up with the execution.

Reviewed by patrickkemner 8 / 10 / 10

Highly misunderstood movie

This movie might as well be the most misunderstood one of the century. It is a well woven fantastic (the literary term) story. If you know what a fantastic story is, then you will appreciate this movie. (End of movie spoiler alert!) When you arrive at the end of the movie, you continue to ask yourself questions. Have they truly escaped the sphere or are they just caught in it perpetually? Were they really rescued or is that just what they desired and are still caught underwater? Most people do not seem to understand how great fantastic stories are. Half Light is also another good modern one. They do not make much of these because people seems to be just too dumb to understand or they prefer quick stories, with lots of explosions and killing or sex and drama, rather than a well woven story like Sphere or Half Light or literary art like La Venus D'Ylle or Axolotl. The acting in this movie is appropriate, there are rotten tomatoes there. The actors/resses do their job. This movie is an underdog and highly underrated due to people not understanding the story.

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