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Reviewed by nickmesafilms 9 / 10 / 10

Spider-Man (2002) - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Considered as one of the most successful superhero movies ever made, "Spider-Man" is a superhero film adaptation of one of Stan Lee's most popular Marvel comics, and becoming one of the first movies to score the highest opening weekend in the box office. There's no wonder, because this is an exciting and enjoyable motion picture. One of my childhood favorites, to be exact! This movie tells the origin story of Peter Parker, or Spider-Man, portrayed by Tobey Maguire, whom after being bit by a radioactive spider, he has gained extraordinary powers to climb walls, shoot web, and beat bad guys. But all that must be put to the test when Parker has to defeat one of the first villains of the Spider-Man universe, the Green Goblin, portrayed by Willem Dafoe. Although Maguire is somewhat bland in a few of his movies, I respected that he fit the role of Peter Parker perfectly, playing a shy kid, with no powers to either beat the bad guy or win the girl. Although given some of the corniest lines of dialouge in this movie, Kirsten Dunst makes an adorable portrayal as Mary Jane Watson, while giving a great chemistry with her co-star. But, Willem Dafoe seems a little miscast playing the deadly Green Goblin, feeling more like he's suitable for drama, instead of action. Rosemary Harris, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, and J.K. Simmons, round up the supporting cast, bringing some memorable performances on-screen, especially Simmons, who steals every scene he's in as J. Jonah Jameson, the angry editor chief of the Daily Bugle. There are few corny and goofy moments from here and there, but that doesn't stop the exciting momentum that this movie brings. Filled with impressive visual effects and a wonderful music score by Danny Elfman, director Sam Raimi perfectly stays true to the original Spider-Man concept, and delivers plenty of exciting action sequences that are both fun to watch, and stay true to the plot. Behind "The Dark Knight" and "The Avengers", "Spider-Man" is probably my third favorite superhero movie. I can watch this movie over and over again, and it's still a fun time. I was easily impressed with this movie, and it never disappoints to entertain. Everyone will find something to enjoy for sure. "Spider-Man", in my review, "a refreshing story, and exciting action".

Reviewed by rambofan4life 9 / 10 / 10

Essential - electrifying action best MARVEL superhero origin story my second personal favorite Spider-Man superhero comic-book flick

One of the most decent electrifying essential superhero's, the best origin story about a superhero Spider-Man - my personal favorite comic book superhero action movie. Spider-Man (2002) become a blockbuster hit in 2002 when it come out. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. I known Spider-Man character superhero from animated TV series of the 90's. As a teeneger I saw music video Hero by Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott and I rushed to see this movie right away. A neighbor friend got me the movie on his comp and it was an adrenaline rush. This movie become my favorite superhero film of all time it still is. It defines my childhood. I watch this movie the first time as a teenager in a high school, it is a teenager dream. Spider-Man takes cues from Superman: The Movie (1978) which deals about superhero Clark Kent how he become Superman. Here is the origin story of how Peter Parker become from a shy nerdy teenager later photographer to a ultimate superhero of all time his alter ego Spider-Man. Just like Richard Donner directed the first Superman the excitement is here from MARVEL screenplay David Koepp created by Stan Lee R.I.P and Steve Ditko. I used to had VHS tape my mom bought me a present this movie, when I was a teen for my gradation day. I used too had the poster, but I don't know where that poster went too. I love this film to death my number 1 favorite Spider-Man film is Spider-Man: Homecoming but this Spider-Man the first in the trilogy is my second personal favorite Spidey film. I enjoy beautiful music score for Spider-Man from Danny Elfman, who also worked on a 1989 Batman music score. I love that music score to death. Directed was by Sam Raimi from "The Evil Dead" trilogy and stars: Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco. The first film has humor, fast pacing, a lot of action, good sci-fi effects beautiful cast, good likable leads and good FX special effects. I love the CGI effects and custom for Spider-Man and Green Goblin. I heard that thieves stole Spider-Man suits on the production set that the crew make them for this movie. Mostly I understand the character Peter Parker it has deep sense meaning to the character. The first half deals more about how Peter is learning about his super ability when he gets bit by a genetically engineered "super spider". First he wants to impressed his neighbor Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) the eternity love of his life by buying a car and he goes in to wrestling match to earn money. First half he was more selfish, shy and geek and he lost by a car jacking his uncle Ben (Cliff Robertson) and when he didn't safe that carjacker who killed his uncle he was selfish. But he got redemption later in the movie and he learns that is not what he does. Spider-Man saved more kids than The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield did. Spider-Man saves Marry Jane. He saves a baby from a burning building. Spider-Man saves a trolley car on the Roosevelt Bridge witch are kids in it. On a parade in which Green Goblin starts attacking Spider-Man saves a kid when a balloon is falling at him, almost crushing him. You have action sequences in which Green Goblin on jet glider fires on Spider-Man rockets, and bullets, slugs at him but misses. He throws pumpkin bombs on the Board of Directors killing them, he throws razor bats on Spider-Man and cuts him. I love the fight sequence between Spider-Man and Green Goblin I love that on the end. Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker / Spider-Man did a good excellent job playing his character. I like the actor he was excellent I really love his performance. Spider-Man was really the first film in the trilogy I saw. Kirsten Dunst was the best of the film as Mary Jane Watson. I love Kirsten she was my teen crush I loved her in Bring It On, The Crow: Salvation, Get Over It and The Virgin Suicides. I really, really miss the actress I grew up watching in Jumanji the actress, she was part of me growing up. James Franco as Harry Osborn was good I like the actor in a comedy Whatever It Takes he was good as Harry Osburn and a friend of Peter Parker. Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn is a kick-ass actor he plays so many good roles that I enjoy. I love him in Platoon as Sergeant Elias, White Sands and John Wick he played John Wick's friend Marcus. So I love the guy I love his portrayal. Some Spider-Man fanboy told me that Spider-Man was stalking Mary Jane, it wasn't true. He saw Mary Jane running on the dark streets alone and he saw a muggers following her, so he went after her to help her out and rescuing her, he wasn't stalking her. She was his crush but he wasn't stalking her. In my opinion it is a decent electrifying essential action film of one of the best origin story's of a superhero becoming a Spider-Man. But I am hug fan of Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming so this Spider-Man is my second personal favorite film in the "Spider-Man" franchise that come out of all five films.

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-138044 9 / 10 / 10

Big-budget blockbuster film-making with flair; a blast from start to finish.

Sure, at times 'Spider-Man (2002)' is a little cheesy and perhaps even border-line camp, but this is big-budget blockbuster film-making with flair. Sam Raimi's distinct directing style is present and appreciated, even if it is reined in a little. It brings to life a colourful comic-book world in a believable, entertaining way and it's much better than the washed-out, generic stuff we so often see nowadays. The piece can be melodramatic on occasion but it also isn't afraid to get dark, with some sequences actually being pretty brutal (I'll refer you to the final fight between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, who's defeat is wince-inducing to say the least) and highlighting the dangers of the occupation well, while never losing sight of the heart of the character. The flick is incredibly well-made and, for me, still holds up. It's a true highlight of the genre; a blast from start to finish. 9/10

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