Spinning Boris


Comedy / Drama

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October 12, 2020


Anthony LaPaglia as Dick Dresner
Jason Jones as Nightline Man
Jeff Goldblum as George Gorton
Liev Schreiber as Joe Shumate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by janet-55 9 / 10 / 10

Watch out Elvis, and watch out for that mine-shaft gap!

I resisted seeing this movie for some time. Not sure why - probably because the title put me off. However it is one of the funniest, sharpest movies I have seen in many a year and I have to agree with "Filmdome" that it has something of "Dr Strangelove" about it. The notion that three American political consultants could go over to Russia and successfully assist Boris Yeltsin to win the 1996 election would be ludicrous if it weren't for the fact that it is true! The three protagonists Jeff Goldblum (George), Anthony LaPaglia (Dick) and Liev Schreiber(Joe) have great on-screen rapport and charisma which only serves to heighten the manic atmosphere and paranoia of the piece. The notion that they can't trust anyone pervades the film giving this satire an added dimension; all their most private thoughts and plans have to be expressed on the balcony to their apartment. Even the CIA have them bugged. Their only respite appears to be in the bar at the hotel where a rather bad Russian Elvis Presley impersonator befriends them and offers invaluable information as to the Russian psyche. The film is interspersed with genuine footage from the campaign, plus Yeltsin's bizarre dancing episode which I'm sure any of you out there with long memories must remember as it was one of the most surreal bouts of electioneering ever to have been televised! Naturally George, Dick and Joe are equally unimpressed. Goldblum is touching in his gentle and restrained romancing of Tatiana (Yeltsin's daughter)though I suspect that in reality this did not happen. Dick turning blue in a snowstorm on the tarmac at the airport and barricading the door to their apartment on election night while Joe hides under his jacket, and the musical car journey back to the airport at the end of the film are just a hint at the great moments in this very good movie.

Reviewed by FilmDome 9 / 10 / 10


Caught "Spinning Boris" at a preview screening -- and... WOW... This is the best, funniest, sharpest, and meanest movie I've seen in a long time... well, since "Wag the Dog". It also brings to mind "Network" and "Dr. Strangelove" - yes, it's THAT good. The cast is top-notch -- Goldblum, LaPaglia, Shrieber, as three American political consultants in Russia -- create amazing chemistry. Three musketeers, three stooges, three blind mice, three charismatic, brilliant, but incredibly self-involved and self-serving individuals. The script is pure perfection -- witty and clever beyond belief, suspenseful, complex and very, very dark. The director is Roger Spottiswoode (yes, Bond... James Bond) -- here working in a completely different genre... and succeeding on all levels. The film is a 10, to be sure, but it's more than that. A not-to-be-missed movie event. (I understand it was produced by Showtime and will premier on cable. Here's to hoping they promote the hell out of it.) Can't wait to see it again.

Reviewed by anarmyofone 9 / 10 / 10

Most authentic portrayal of (New) Russians by any American film

From the biznessmen to the government officials, even the hotel lounge's Elvis impersonator, the dialogue, spoken language, actors, character portrayals and cultural depictions are so authentically Russian, it's frightening. And hilarious. Which makes it all the more difficult to believe this a product of American cinema, which seems to prefer perpetuating tired and/or exaggerated Russian stereotypes (whether due to ignorance or apathy is still open to debate). Anthropologically speaking, this film's a bull's-eye; historically, who knows? High production values (including stock footage from the actual campaign -- see Yeltsin dance!), quality casting and genuine humor make for good times. More so if you know Russia(n), less so, perhaps, if you don't. I'm recommending it to friends, and I'd watch it again. Na zdoroviye.

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