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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eilahtannr 10 / 10 / 10

Short but good.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. It's a very strange experience to see your favourite band at the cinema. I'm used to seeing them in arenas playing live. The individual stories of the six fans picked from sea of devotees were touching. One criticism though is that I thought the film was too short. I think the whole audience was a bit surprised when it came to an end and the credits rolled. Everyone stayed in their seats, just in case there was more to come. I wanted to see more live footage (although I understand that the full show will be coming out next year in a physical format - dvd) and wanted to delve more into these people's lives. Each one different, each one simple in its own way, just reminding us that all stories are worth telling however big or small. They all highlighted what it is to be human, the emotions we feel through the turmoils we encounter in our lives, some more serious than others. And THAT is the connection to Depeche Mode. Their music depicts what it is like to be and feel human. No emotion is left behind. Their music covers pretty much the whole repertoire of emotions and that's why people relate to them. Their music tells us that it's ok to feel even the darkest emotions as they're all part of life. Through Depeche Mode one learns acceptance; of others, but most importantly of oneself. A lot like therapy, but so much more exciting.

Reviewed by tonipihlar 10 / 10 / 10

For fans mostly

The movie shows what an impact Depeche mode can have on their fans and how loyal they can be. Only true devotees can fully appreciate the movie as only they will relive the feelings from DM concerts. But also other people might get a lot out of the movie if they don't expect something that this movie is not. DM fan? Go and see the movie.

Reviewed by rdshows 10 / 10 / 10

The power of DM

This movie really gets into the depths of the power of music and especially Depeche Mode. Most of us take for granted that we can listen to anything we want any time we want. The people chosen for this film sometimes had to get to extreme measures just to listen to the awesome music of DM. The stories told by the people in the movie really made this a lot better than "101", which I absolutely love. I saw this tour in Dallas and it took me right back to that night with the concert footage. The German crowd were amazing as well. The scenes with all their arms waving side to side above their heads was absolutely beautiful. Loved it....GO SEE IT!!

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