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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by laadolf 9 / 10 / 10

Charming supernatural comedy....

A charming supernatural thriller/comedy starring Chow Yun Fat and Cherie Chung. SPOILERS Chow Yun Fat plays Lao K, a small time triad type who earns his living as a collection man for a loan shark. His cousin, Chin Hua (played by Deannie Yip), an aspiring "ghostbuster", pines after him, using her divination skills to chart her cousin's romantic future, hoping to see her name revealed. Lao K is oblivious to her infatuation, caught up with his collection activities and the romantic charms of May (Pauline Wong), a self involved maneater who treats him badly, and soon forsakes him for a richer, more successful man.

One day, while trying to collect a debt for his boss in the company of his constant companion, 6'3" (a fellow petty criminal who was deafened and forced to drink acid by the triad bosses while Lao K went to prison for a botched job, and whom Lao K has "adopted") a deaf mute, Lao K is captivated by an antique Chinese desk. Buying it and taking to the home he shares with his cousin (he's nine months arrears on the rent he owes her), he discovers a letter in a drawer that tells the sad story of a young woman, sick from birth, who posthumously was wed to an "ugly ghost" by her family. The young woman has not been reincarnated and has little hope of ever being, until she can find a man born on a yang day, in a yang month, in a yang year willing to give up 3 years of his mortal life to help her escape from her fearsome ghost-husband and win her a chance at reincarnation.

Lao K, the petty criminal with a heart of gold, and told by a physiogamist that he will live to 98, decides he can spare a few years to help the girl out. He performs the ritual she details in her letter, and then promptly forgets about the whole matter. He is walking on the waterfront when he spies a young woman in a boat. He greets her, she responds, but as he watches in horror, her craft sinks with her in it. Diving into the water he rescues her. Unbeknownst to him, this is the young ghost-woman of the letter from the desk. Escaped from the underworld, Wei Hsaio-Tieh (Cherie Chung), has come to search out her benefactor. Hsiao-Tieh enters and reenters his life over the course of the next few days, finally coming to stay with him after an argument with his unfaithful girlfriend May, results in Lao K stumbling home sick. Appearing to him in the elevator of his apartment building while he lies insensible in its cab, she brings him home, takes care of him and tidies his room while he lies unconscious. He awakens to her presence, recognizing her as the girl in the boat, but still unaware of her supernatural nature. His cousin returns, and she is not long fooled by their house guest, who is at first invisible to her, but is revealed by more magical incantation. A battle over the soul of Lao K ensues, over the course of the next couple of days, which eventually leads to Chin Hua bringing in the big guns, her ghostbuster master. Together they launch into a ritual designed to exorcise Hsiao-tieh and send her back to the afterlife. Lao K, in the meantime, has discovered that 6'3" has been kidnapped by a rival gang and that his life is in danger. When appealing to their loan shark boss (Paul Chin) results in no help to rescue him, Lao K goes it alone. Buying toy guns and jury rigging them to fire blanks, he launches a lone assault on the gang's lair. He is almost successful when his ruse is revealed and his life and that of 6'3" is put in further danger. Hsiao-tieh, in the middle of the exorcism, senses his danger and is able to escape to rescue the man she loves and his burly friend. The great expenditure of her supernatural powers to accomplish this results in a weakened condition and the danger of her being sucked back to the afterlife. Lao K, by now aware of her ghostly status, becomes desperate to find a way to keep the woman he has fallen in love with on earth. Further rituals ensue, which will cost Lao K ten more years of his lifespan, but which will allow Hsiao-tieh to spend 49 days on earth in his company. It is a sacrifice he is willing to make. Restored to full power, Hsiao-tieh is granted her 49 days with Lao K and the love between them grows and deepens. May, the man-eating girlfriend soon returns however, pregnant and abandoned by her new, more upwardly mobile boyfriend. She attempts to trick Lao K back into her clutches. He resists, until she threatens suicide, promising that if he does not come to save her, she will return as a vengeful ghost and take his life. May's plans go awry, resulting in a finale where all the supernatural stops are pulled out, as Lao K and Hsiao-tieh try to protect each other from the perils of the afterlife. A bargain is struck and the film winds down to a bittersweet ending. The always versatile Chow Yun Fat is endearingly roguish as the basically decent Lao K. Cherie Chung displays her wonderful range as an actress, effortlessly moving from broad comedy to affecting pathos as the ill-starred Hsiao-tieh. The supporting players, especially Deannie Yip as the long suffering cousin, are universally excellent. While Hong Kong supernatural comedies are an acquired taste, this film stands on its own, and carries appeal on several fronts, not the least of which is the incredible chemistry between its two leads.

Reviewed by The-Sarkologist 5 / 10 / 10

A love triangle involving ghosts

Another Chow-Yun-Fat movie which is a little different to the others that I have seen. This is more of a romantic comedy, done typical Hong-Kong style. An American romantic comedy tends to be realistic, and maybe, occasionally, there is one with the supernatural side to it. Us westerners tend to not appreciate the supernatural as much as the Asians or else we would have more movies like Spiritual Love and Mr Vampire. Fat plays a thug who works as a collector for a loan shark. He lives in a flat owned by his cousin who is an apprentice sorceress and in love with him, because that is what she thinks the spirits told her. Then it becomes evident that the spirits pointed to a ghost. Fat buys a desk which his cousin discovers is cursed but he ignores her. While writing at it one day he discovers a letter about a woman who has been cursed and that she can be freed by burning some symbols. He does this and suddenly finds that he has a ghost chasing him. The movie may seem simple, but near the end it becomes quite complicated. Fat has another girlfriend who dumps him and then later wants him back and the ghost (who is also in love with Fat) turns out to be the wife of a hideous demon. Fat's friend is an interesting character as he is deaf and mute. He was beaten up buy some thugs and had acid poured down his throat. I find this interesting as it is rare to see such a character in a movie and even then they tend to be the focus. We in a way expect something to happen to the guy, namely be healed, but he is not. There is an idea of redemption in the movie for Fat is to be haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend after she dies. Asian ghosts are not immaterial things in white sheets, they are powerful monsters. The ghost ends up going to her demon husband and asking for his help. In a way she saves Fat by giving herself to the demon so that he can destroy the ghost of his ex. Fat is told to give up his criminal ways, which he promises to do. Fat also sacrifices himself for the ghost, firstly by giving up three years of his life, even though he doesn't believe in such things, to free her from the demon. Then he gives up ten years so that the ghost may not vanish. There are numerous incidents of sacrifice here, especially Fat going into a criminal hideout, where the odds are stacked against him, to rescue his friend. In this way the movie is enjoyable, but not superb.

Reviewed by crossbow0106 5 / 10 / 10

It Should Have Been Better

This is a lukewarm story about a triad enforcer who is a loser in love. He brings home a desk, which causes his place to be possessed by a ghost, played by the beautiful Cherie Chung. He saves her from a fate brought on by her past and they fall in love. The question is, can they stay in love. I think this film tries too hard to be a slapstick comedy. The best moments, to me, are the interactions between Chow Yun Fat and Ms. Chung, which I feel aren't often enough. Actually, the women in this film are one dimensional, especially a former girlfriend, who becomes an accidental suicide. The actors are good, including the cute Deannie Yip, but I feel the film tries too hard to be funny when it may have worked better as a romance. There is no denying the ability and appeal of Chow Yun Fat and Cherie Chung, but I wanted more of them being together. It is watchable, and its not bad, but I thought it would be less smacking people around and more of an exploration into relationships. If you like Chow Yun Fat and/or Cherie Chung, please check this out. Otherwise, they have both been much more appealing in other films.

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