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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrisonhimself 8 / 10 / 10

Keaton's athleticism would be enough

Though not of the quality of "The General," an almost perfect movie, "Spite Marriage" is worth watching both for the fun and for the historical value of its being Keaton's last silent. Co-star Dorothy Sebastian deserves a medal both for her performance and for putting up with being knocked about so. So many of Keaton's leading ladies get treated very physically, surely part of the auditions was a test of their good-natured sportsmanship -- and probably their physical conditioning, too. Dorothy Sebastian's character is not very sympathetic at first, but she learns, and when she has to assist in her own rescue, she is adorable, cute as the proverbial button. Keaton, though, is the real reason to watch, this or almost everything else he is in. He ranks among the top of the certifiable geniuses of motion picture making, with an unfailing sense of timing, with uncanny physical control, and with an understanding of what was (and is) funny that the studio bosses of his latter career should have paid attention to. Even with the worst material, with which he was saddled in so many of his talkies, Keaton and his abilities and talents still stand out, are still memorable. Buster Keaton will deserve our awe forever.

Reviewed by Edisone 10 / 10 / 10

Another reason Keaton was the greatest comedian of the 20s!

The story isn't much, but Buster packs every scene with so many gags that you don't mind. It's easy to see why he was so successful, until MGM stuck him with stories that were totally unsuitable. The original score is fantastic, here - it includes a great deal of popular music and makes commentary on the situations, but the meaning will be lost on most modern viewers (I collect records from that period, so I recognize most all of it); even so, it moves the action right along and gives us a rare chance to experience a silent film just as it was presented to contemporary audiences. No cheesy piano accompaniment, here! The sound effects are well done, and used sparingly. The shipboard scenes could have been trimmed a bit; they seem to drag. Otherwise, time flies during this movie - you won't regret watching it! Just compare it with the average sound 'comedy' which Hollywood produced until 1932 or so, and you'll realize how they lost the art of making good films for a while. It's a crime that Keaton wasn't given the chance to produce his own talkies, because he might have changed the whole concept of what made a good SOUND comedy! It's a wonder that audiences didn't rebel against the boring, static, yawnful talk-fests that early sound comedies became; maybe the novelty of Talkies really WAS enough to bring them into the theaters. I'd haven given this a 10, except for the draggy ship scenes - but the ending is satisfyingly Keatonesque!

Reviewed by jimmyooo 10 / 10 / 10

Hearty recommendation of a little seen film

Although it is not a masterpiece in a league with "The General" or "The Navigator", "Spite Marriage" does contains several of the funniest moments Buster Keaton ever committed to film. I find that this picture serves as an ideal introduction to Keaton for my friends who are not fans of silent pictures. One such friend commented after viewing it, that it was "the most consistently hilarious movie he had ever seen." Buster Keaton's final silent picture, it contains a vintage Vitaphone musical setting.

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