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Jason Statham as Farmer
Melissa McCarthy as Shirley
Morena Baccarin as Gamemaster
Rose Byrne as Sonja Stilano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EthanBJones_03 8 / 10 / 10

Very funny movie; would highly recommend

Overall: This movie is great and I would recommend it to anyone who's up for a laugh. Good: It is consistently funny with cool and interesting heroes. The music is great and keeps in touch with the tone the movie attempts to set. All the cast do fantastic jobs acting wise and you seriously believe their character. Melissa McCarthy's rants are hysterically funny as is her unbelievable 'spy mode'! The cinematography is great and works very well. It is a well directed, edited, composed and acted movie. The actual action scenes ​were very well choreographed to feel bad ass. Jason Statham is a personal favourite character and his insane, egotistical attitude contrasts to Melissa's pre-spy mode. Miranda Hart and Jude Law do good with there performances though Jude feels like more of a plot device. Peter Serafinowicz did a good job of acting within acting; his mini-twist at the end was surprising and also funny. Bad: The villains were not that interesting or unique or even special. They just shifted the story along. Jude Law was just a plot device over an actual character. The twist at the end felt forced and just wasn't that interesting. The slow motion action parts were just annoying and took away from the pace. A much more fast paced action with little breaks would fit better. Best Part: Any Melissa McCarty rant MVP: Jason Statham as Ford. 8/10

Reviewed by David-coverversion 9 / 10 / 10

The New XXX Xander Cage

You want lame? You got it! Yet another one-liner laden (supposed) action (supposed) comedy. Why is it needed? Why, to fulfill release quotas of course and either deliver quarterly revenue targets or tax write off accounting line items. Here again we have a complete nincompoop ignoramus incompetent fool who is neither funny nor action packed deployed to the film by domestic American spooks. Yes, it is XXX Xander all over again. Except where Xander was a tattooed trash; this one features a flatulence fanatic in love with herself. No wonder Russia rules and is winning and has captured the Executive and half of the Legislative branch. Dumb movies like this result in a country where the 'president' praises the country that financed the 9/11 hijackers and gave us Bin Laden and attacks the general who lead the mission to kill Bin Laden or embargoes Iran, which fought on the ground to defeat ISIS. I have nothing more to add.

Reviewed by andrewjmarr 9 / 10 / 10

Verey funny spoof

I loved this film. I didn't have high hopes when I chose it on Netflix but laughed more than I have done for ages. It's not Citizen Kane, OK, but it has more laughs. It is sweary, and a bit crude but it all works. Statham is superb, sending himself up and I even liked Jude Law. Miranda Hart does her usual thing, but again it works. My partner told me to say how nice it was to see an older, none thin women, in a leading role!

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