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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clargaespada 1 / 10 / 10

Skip it

Not much in this movie made sense. A main plot point is that apparently no one is able to recognize a woman if her hair is curly and she isn't wearing glasses (yes, it's the dreaded "her hair's in a ponytail and she's wearing glasses so she's plain" thing). And it's never quite clear what the male lead is. A model? The description says something about a journalist, but that's never mentioned in the movie. The whole thing is silly and contrived. But the biggest question is why would this woman go through so much trouble to try hide that she's a part-time model? That made no sense.

Reviewed by ironhalo 5 / 10 / 10

An absurd and infantile plot you'd expect from a kids movie, yet promoted to adults as a RomCom.

Until proven otherwise I'm going to assume this movie was written by an 8 year old child in Poland whose favorite movie is "The Princess Switch." Did anyone at Netflix actually watch this all the way through before deciding to promote it so heavily on their home screen?

Reviewed by dreamlikediana 5 / 10 / 10

Plain as a pizza that doesn't have enough cheese

I wouldn't say it's a waste of time, but I wouldn't say it's 10 stars either. It was average, but most romance movies are if you think about it. If you're looking for a comedy, this isn't it. It's like a plain pizza, but without too much cheese. It's not cheesy but rather just plain. If you want to kill time or have a nice self-care night, like I did, it's not bad. It's watchable. You're not going to be cringing in any of the scenes. One thing I really want to mention is the subtitles. As someone whose native language is Polish, the subs aren't on point. It doesn't matter if you choose English or English CC, they're both missing a lot of context I'd say. A lot hasn't been translated well, and that can really make or break the movie I believe. There were parts I giggled at, but then I look over at the subs, and I'm like "Huh? That makes no sense." Even still, listening to the original audio with the movie there's little to no character or plot development. The movie, or should I say story, transitions from one to the next in an odd way. It doesn't shift smoothly, we're like "oh well we are here now. Okay. Sure." There's nothing to hate and nothing to really draw my attention to really. Plain like a pizza that doesn't have enough cheese or toppings or anything really is the best way to describe this.

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