Star Trek: Renegades


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Chasty Ballesteros as Ronara 2 episodes, 2015-2017
Edward Furlong as Nick Kelson
Sean Young as Brenda Stratford
Terry Farrell as Jada 1 episode, 2017
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fjmsoftware 4 / 10 / 10

Terrible terrible movie, but don't stop trying.

First off, I'm a backer and I would donate again to see a Star Trek movie made with recognizable Star Trek actors, in the hope that it will spark a good series and revive the franchise (and wrest it back from the hands of Jar-Jar Abrams). But on to the movie itself: The aspect that I already knew not to expect much from was production value, as this was a low- budget crowdfunded project. Surprisingly, this is where the movie made a good impression: I fully expected the set and prop quality to be pretty much like it turned out, but I didn't expect a bad-ass Borg hand-cannon animation. That was really good (though the damage done with that cannon in the actual fights was close to nonexistent). But the aspects I had the most hope for and that this whole project hinged on, really - the script and the dialogues - were really abysmal. The whole thing, from start to finish, felt and sounded like something written by a high-schooler with distant dreams of going to college to study film and maybe, just maybe, become a passable screenwriter or director one day. The over- the-top lines trying to sound dramatic or deep or bad-ass, the perfectly ignorable intrigue, the ridiculous hand-to-hand combat, the ridiculous character development (direct, blatant and boring descriptions of their past), the ridiculous poem-and- flashback stuff... this movie was so boring I walked away from it to do other stuff around the house about 4 times until I finished it. For the love of all that is Star Trek, please bring in someone who can write and direct next time you try something like this (Tim Russ, by the way, could've stayed behind the camera for all the impact his character had - he barely said anything during the whole thing, he could've easily been mistaken for Chekhov's Imaginary Friend That Only States the Obvious). And also, since this is a Star Trek review, I feel compelled to add a reminder - because way too many people seem to have easily forgotten - of what true Star Trek is about: "Space -- the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before." Not war, not spaceships shooting lasers and photon torpedoes at each other, not political intrigue, not special commando teams doing "dirty work" nobody else can or will do, none of this is the essence of Star Trek. These kinds of things can be done under any other random sci-fi title one could come up with. No, Star Trek is about new worlds and new civilizations and about a ship exploring uncharted regions of the universe. That's why they called it a "trek". That's what needs to be brought back to life, not just the "Star Trek" brand name and superficial visual style.

Reviewed by backstage-12360 7 / 10 / 10

don't give up, please keep trying

So a crowd funded project has created a possible new Star Trek series called Star Trek Renegades. I'm a big fan of star trek so naturally wish them the best. The quality of acting varied significantly. The use of close ups to hide what i'm sure were barren sets became quite apparent after a while. However their flaws and limitations to their production quality is something i'm sure they were all well aware of and therefore don't need every little detail to be pointed out. However considering that the web series pilot for Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome cost 2 million, what these folks accomplished with just $375k is an accomplishment unto itself and they should be congratulated for that. But the show's inexcusable problems all begin and end with the script. The show lacks any meaningful character development. Am I supposed to be heart broken when an irrelevant character with two lines has died? I'm not sure and the story hasn't given me many clues. The show lacks all humour whatsoever. Light humour, camaraderie and banter is as essential an ingredient to star trek as phasers and vulcan neck pinches. Everyone needs to lighten up. And finally, each star trek series has to inevitably focus on the elements that will separate them from the others then demonstrate those differences, and I don't think this quite did that, though they seemed to be trying. The differences should be made apparent enough that I don't have to go looking for them. What makes this space craft different and unique from the others? Is it faster? Does have some intrinsic value? Prove to me in every way possible that this captain isn't going to be anything like anything we haven't already seen. So far she appears to have a chip on her shoulder and can fight an alien twice her size with ease, though I found that difficult to accept. However I was never sold on her ability to captain a vessel or to lead a team. Is she clever? Is she good at her job? I can't tell. I can't imagine why this crew is devoted to her. They don't appear to care about anything. Frankly I'd rather follow the borg into battle than to follow her. The only character I had any sympathy for was icheb and even there they did the tragic amateur mistake of "telling" not "showing". At least he had a story to tell which was more than anyone else did. But I shouldn't be too hard on them. They did an impressive job with such little resources. The core idea gave us a rag tag intimate crew like Firefly in the Star Trek universe, and has some strong potential. I hope this is a proof of concept for what could be a decent program if given a proper budget and a better script.

Reviewed by Green_Wolf 7 / 10 / 10

Interesting concept which I guess is made as a pitch for a new TV-series

This a non-profit movie made through Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, including several actors from the commercial Star Trek movies and series. I'm not sure what to make of it. It's obviously much too good to be a "fan movie" but not good enough to be a Box Office Hit. Maybe it fits as a "Pilot" or "Pitch" for a TV-Series? The movie is very uneven. I would say ratings for different scenes range all they way from 3 to 9 out of 10. The transition between scenes could sometimes be smoother and some scenes also seem a bit "out of place". The acting of the Star Trek alumni in the movie is generally good and I must say that the acting skills of Adrienne Wilkinson has improved from the clips seen in the supporter forums "exclusive clips area". It's actually quite good in the final movie. The casting of other characters is uneven with several persons fitting their roles and others obviously not. I give Special FX 7/10. Most of the to times they are on par with commercial productions but the movie would for example have been better of without "the fire" in a few scenes in the beginning of the movie. Background music is fitting most of the time, I would say 7/10. Sound FX are also good, as long as you can stand the sound of spaceships in outer space where there's no sound. The concept behind the the movie is quite interesting and might, if pitched in the right way, be turned into a TV-series. From an objective standpoint my overall rating ought to be a notch lower, but because I like the concept I give it 7/10 :-)

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