Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dion_pangallo 1 / 10 / 10

Hunting in the 21st century

Is just plain dumb. and the roots of hunting in america are well.. disgusting. if you truly wanna be real about it, america and the natives exterminated, was/is all for the cash. gold, silver, buffalo, beaver, oil, land etc etc... the absolute worst story in history because it continues on today in the 21st century as if all was, is and will be good in this desensitized dumbed down hypocritical brainwashed "get mine" society . get a clue.

Reviewed by caramia2002 10 / 10 / 10

Racist Roots of Trophy Hunters in America

Wow, they actually said it. About the American frontier being "closed", that part of the great frontier experience was "killing indigenous people" (no doubt some of my ancestors), and the fear of the loss of the frontier and that "essential" American experience resulted in urban males going trophy hunting as a 'thing', plus blaming WWII for giving men the love of being outdoors with guns (yeah, we all know the benefits of war on the human psyche, PTSD aside). Kind of shocked that Netflix has this kind of blatant content. Guess I'd rather hear them admit the roots of the hunting culture and politics, though, than skirt the issue. But was this supposed to appeal to racists, though? Why else include that? So, yes, this is a pro sport hunting film. I watched it for a while, to see if the opposing view was presented (not really) or if there were any intelligent, reasonable arguments made, but there weren't. It was all the same lame excuses and couching of the real reason (except the killing the Indians thing). Not sure why hunters have all their excuses to justify trophy hunting. "Management" (which came about due to predators being hunted to near or total extinction), "natural knowledge", "bonding with kids", "being outdoors". Sheesh, just go hiking/camping/boating/rafting/climbing/photographing! It shows quite a lack of imagination and parenting skills if hunting is your go-to for doing family duty or being outdoors. Just say it, if you love guns and killing and feeling superior, or even just that "I like fresh venison", then just admit it. The justification that your father and his father, ad nauseum, hunted, so you should, is just stupid. There are no doubt lots of things your forefathers did that you shouldn't do. I am vegan, so my money is where my mouth is on this issue. I love meat and don't have a problem with eating it, per se, but I have a problem with factory farming and sport hunting (does the deer or lion think it's "sport"? How "sporting" is a deer hide with timed feeder?). The only justification I can think of for hunting is if you, like me, don't want to line the pockets of factory farming corporations and you hunt to eat, fairly and sustainably. But to do it to brag about it or mix it up with gun ownership (and other) politics, is highly objectionable and in my book, immoral. You are taking a LIFE, not killing something to hang on your wall to show off about. Show some respect.

Reviewed by jeremymichaelhardwick 10 / 10 / 10

Hunting PR will go a long way with Steven Rinella.

An amazing story of where hunting is today and how it has got there. Steven Rinella tells this story using multiple perspectives that make you think about what it is to be a hunter in America. Captivating shots and well put together interviews will keep your eyes glued to the screen from start till finish.

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