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Abbie Cobb as Mira
Danielle Campbell as Jessica Olson
Lauren Bowles as Sherry Wilde
Sterling Knight as Christopher Wilde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tera_1234 8 / 10 / 10

I liked it.

I have to admit when I saw the trailer for this movie, I had no desire to watch it. Well, one night I was bored and decided to watch it. I liked it. I think Sterling Knight was great in it. He is the only reason I watch Sonny with a Chance. I wanted to see what he would be like in a different role. Danielle Campbell was okay, I believe she has acting potential. I liked her character because she wasn't easy, she made Christopher work. I found the grandma and the older sister endearing, for some reason. I'll admit the dialogue was cheesy in some parts and cliché. But over all, the movie is worth watching.

Reviewed by american-beauty60 6 / 10 / 10

I love this movie.

Honestly, the best DCOM since very long time. It has everything.. comedy, romance, music. All the qualities that make a movie a perfect one for me. I love how Disney movies are all sweat and really descent for kids and teens. I always love to watch them. Camp Rock movies are great too. This one has really some amazing songs. They were very heartwarming too. Sterling Knight is such a rising star. I adore him very much. He is quite talented. I esp. love him in SWAC. Danielle Campbell is a very pretty actress. She played her role well witch I guess was not easy for a girl her age. Overall, this movie was a real pleasure to watch. I really really wish they make a 2nd one.

Reviewed by fairleyhlloyd 6 / 10 / 10

Okay Movie, Bad Main Character

Starstruck is a pretty average Disney film. To be honest I wasn't extremely hyped when I first say the trailer back in 2010, but I decided to watch it anyway because it was on a Friday night and I had nothing else to do. The script itself was so-so; an average girl (Jessica Olsen) ends up running into the famous teen popstar Christopher Wilde. However, she isn't like most girls Christopher knows-she's not infatuated with him and even admits that she doesn't like him because he comes across as fake. But throughout the movie they start to understand each other and start to fall in love. Just your average DCOM. However, I will say that, although I liked the film alright, I did not like the main character, Jessica Olsen. I, like other reviewers have been saying, found Jessica to be a very unlikable character, which is strange as she is the protagonist (or one of them, as Christopher is also a main character). At the very beginning of the film (and throughout much of it later on), Jessica acts very hostile towards Christopher. She seems to hate him for no reason other than that he's a famous celebrity and assumes he's a jerk for this reason. Where this assumption/animosity comes from is never explained, which further frustrated me because it was just downright confusing. She seriously drove me up a wall, and I would like to rant about her more if IMDb let me put more words into my review. The rest of the story is so-so, but-like I said earlier-it was entertaining enough. I just wish Jessica wasn't so unlikable.

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