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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t_kam 1 / 10 / 10

What did I watch!?

The only good thing about this project(?) is that it appears to give employment to people who would normally be cashing an unemployment cheque. You couldn't really call it a film as it's so terrible with it's attempt at cheesy one liners. The acting is so bad I'd swear this was their first attempt at it if I hadn't checked their previous history. Clearly Netflix is padding out their library with rubbish like this. Do yourself a favour and give it a miss.

Reviewed by tidingofmagpies 3 / 10 / 10

Opportunities missed by a country mile...

This could have been an excellent movie, but from the first scene (post-apocalypse 2067, with heavy road traffic visible in the background) it was obvious this was going to stink. The budget was so low it couldn't even stretch to hiring actors, the universally poor performances seemingly delivered by unwitting members of the public who sounded like they were reading from a shopping list. To sum up how poor this film is, when I logged on to this site, I watched the trailer for the film. It was preceded by an ad for Ferrero Rocher which was infinitely more interesting than the entire film itself. This could have been a really good effort, even with the obviously non-existent budget, but instead it was poorly written, poorly acted, a poorly executed exercise in putting together every cliché in the genre in the least entertaining way possible. All I can really say about spoilers is this: if you actually watch this film, you'll have spoiled your evening when you could have been doing something much more interesting, like watching paint dry.

Reviewed by dirtykungfuman 3 / 10 / 10

The best part of Stasis was of course reading all the great reviews here.

I would give a more in depth review if I could but i admit i stopped watching it to look up all the negative reviews which provided me more entertainment value then the 10-15 minutes i watched of the film so far.

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