Station Six-Sahara



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Carroll Baker as Helen Curtis
Denholm Elliott as Fl. Lt. McKenzie
Ian Bannen as Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeancfisher 9 / 10 / 10

A truly international cooperative film venture

One thing I noticed previous reviewers left out of their critiques of this film is that it was a cooperative venture utilizing German, Australian and American actors and crew. I first saw this film as a preteen on TV and fell in love with it. It was the first time I ever saw Peter Van Eyck (of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fame) act. The truly great performance, however, is given by Ian Bannen (an Aussie) as a happy-go-lucky, crusty oil field worker. IMHO, this work holds the essence of "art film" in the palm of its hand. I also do not know anyone else who has ever seen it but feel, if you don't appreciate this film, you know nothing about "true art".

Reviewed by moonspinner55 4 / 10 / 10

Lust in the dust

Five men of disparate nationalities work an oil station in the sweaty Sahara; just as tempers begin to boil over within the group, a sexy girl and her ex-husband invade their territory (or rather, crash it--seems this reckless dame harbors a death wish for herself and her former spouse). Brian Clemens and Bryan Forbes, adapting Jean Martet's play "Men Without a Past", invest the dialogue exchanges with interesting give-and-take, but their scenario isn't inventive or enlightening or even titillating (despite the ads). Certainly the basic thrust of the material--when will the men take advantage of their new arrival--is salacious, however the writers are more interested in probing the human condition and all its faults (although there is some sex involved). Director Seth Holt ably delineates the disintegration of morality and decency among the men, but this woman is something else: a willing pawn in their company, she's both tease and temptress. Actors Studio alum Carroll Baker seemed to get stuck in a revolving door of sexually-uninhibited characters after "Baby Doll", yet this role does call for an actual dramatic performance and she delivers. ** from ****

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 4 / 10 / 10

A forgotten potboiler

A virtually forgotten potboiler directed by Seth Holt. A disparate group of men working an oil refinery in the Sahara get company in the form of foxy car crash victim Carroll Baker. Sexual tension ensues as Baker leads on at least two of the men, including group leader Peter van Eyck, who's desperate to get out of his miserable existence. Adding to the mix is Baker's possessive husband (Biff McGuire), who, though bedridden, refuses to let Baker go. Extremely well acted but perhaps a bit too melodramatic to really be taken seriously, there is nonetheless plenty to recommend...Baker is in peak form and Van Eyck is great. Ian Bannen steals the show as a crass bully and Denholm Elliott is his uptight foil. There's a great music score by Ron Grainer. The script was worked on by Bryan Forbes.

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