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Aidan Quinn as William Rainsferd
Brian Gleeson as Liam Meehan
Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kossiek 8 / 10 / 10

Beautifully done

It was great the see the extent of Taylor Schillings acting abilities; frequently associated with Orange is the New black, the up-and-coming actress proved she has much more to offer. The story had a great sense of originality, the choice of actors aided with the consistency of the film whilst having great chemistry amongst each other. I was not anticipating very much as Schilling fans expressed their loyalty exclusively towards the character of Piper Chapman (OITNB) and not towards Schillings vast acting capabilities; however after watching this film, all elements coincided with the natural beauty of the land to create a well written and elegantly directed film.

Reviewed by bobgruen 4 / 10 / 10

Deeper then dirt...

Stay (2013) is a very deep movie that has less to do with the actual events that occur and more to do with the underlying theme. There is no big reveal or surprise, just a few stitched parts that lead to the inevitable ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie not just because I am a fan of the country -vs- city surroundings (I travel for work), but its also a story about simply getting over it! Often times people believe that the universe is about them and not the fact that they are merely players, performers and portrayers in a much bigger stage. This movie will not lead to good conversations on a date night, but I recommend seeing it (alone) :-)

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10 / 10

half plus half

Abby (Taylor Schilling) falls for her former professor Dermot Fay (Aiden Quinn) and moves to Ireland with him. The locals do not approve. She gets pregnant and he does not want to keep it. She goes home to Montreal to visit her father (Michael Ironside). Dermot starts drinking, befriends young Sean Meehan, helps a pregnant woman, and gets into a dig. Finally, secrets are revealed. One never gets to fall in love with this couple. The movie starts and they're just there. When they split up, there is no trauma since the audience never gets invested in their relationship. It becomes two separate stories, two slow moving stories. Quite frankly, I rather follow one or the other. Quinn's half probably has the most meat and could have gone a variety of ways. This is really two movies adding up to less than one.

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