Step Up 3D


Drama / Music / Romance

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April 12, 2019



Alyson Stoner as Katie
Kathy Najimy as Mrs. Jewels

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Reviewed by davidrcastro1 2 / 10 / 10

Cliché for the sake of being cliché

I honestly believe there was no effort put into the story at all. Every single cliché the writers could possibly think up was in this, the rivalry the betrayal, the break up only to make up later and end up together, the wise friend who seems to know everything but is a background character through most of the film even the closing of the studio which required money to re open does landing the crew in a final dance off against their rivals. The only thing I enjoyed from this movie was the dancing, all the fancy moves, and the culture impressed me, but aside from that this movie was garbage. I compare this to"You Got Served" which received a much lower score on IMDb than this, though it shared an extremely similar story, though it portrayed a lot more emotion, and overall focused more on the characters than the dancing. All in all, if you're a dance movie fan, who really doesn't care for story, by all means check this out, if you're a movie lover, then this movie probably won't make you smile so skip it.

Reviewed by Ian Rupert 1 / 10 / 10

Needs more cowbell

And by cowbell, I mean more autotune in all the songs. There were a few songs where I could actually hear the singer's real voice and that is soooo two-thousand and late. I give this a 7/10 and it would be every bit of a 10/10 if they only could "Step up" their autotune game.

Reviewed by hernanderes 1 / 10 / 10

A lot of production errors

I am a real follower of all the Step Up saga, but this movie is the worst of all of them, and the culprit is not from the dancers/actors. I know most of them are dancers so is easy to understand than in some parts the film is not as good as if some actors did it. So far so good, this film has the best dances moves and for me is the best of all the saga in terms of the dancing moves and songs. But there is a enormous error in this film, and it's the production. The director and stuff people did not take care of little details that are extremely important in this kind of films. There are a ton of errors typical from really amateur people, and not good and normal for the 3rd movie of the saga. This has get me extremely sad knowing that this details could make the film to not be the perfect film it should be. On the newer films these details where more controlled and as far as I could see, there is not error on the new ones, that's a good point. For example and as a small details: * Moose and Camille starts to dance them famous song in the street, who much loud does the car sounds that can across easily all the street? * When Moose get in trouble with the Samurais and he fells to the floor, he lose him hat, and just one second after, the guys help him to stand up he already has the hat again on him head. * Final battle, Julien is holding chains, and in one of the camera views he has the jacket with him, and in the other one he has not jacket. This happens 4 times in less than 8 seconds. * On the end of the film, Natalie is speaking the crew, and then Luke appears holding a box with the shoes he gives later to Moose. Did already Luke know the crew went to be there? I don't think so. * On the battle in the Chinese stage, after Moose get all the floor full of water, even before he starts to dance, he and some of the Pirates members are already fully wet, all the clothes, the hair, when all the water was in the floor and they did not start to dance yet. Here are some examples and maybe I forget a few more of them, but I had to share them. Wish all this helps to prevent future errors in the new film for 2016, and thank you for bringing us this amazing story. Good luck!

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