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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benjch_1130 4 / 10 / 10


Oh, I didn't watch the trailer to be surprised! And I was really surprised! It was a typical, usual plot, and it made me cringe in some scenes. The dance steps are not catchy either. But overall, it was a good film if you have watched it in DVD/Blu-ray.

Reviewed by rawanadawi-07099 1 / 10 / 10

Sooo unexpected

The moment that I heard of Step Up I rushed to the cinema without even watching the trailer and I was really surprised that the movie wasn't as I expected it was really really disappointing and it was really boring at some points. I wouldn't recommend it at all

Reviewed by mamzi-32276 1 / 10 / 10

Worst movie of them all

First of all, why is it dubbed in English? That made me cringe as soon as I heard the first word of this movie. The movie is just plain bad and plain boring. The dancing is plain, the characters are plain, the plot is plain and already done before in another step up movie. The movie desperately wants you to cheer for the main characters but there is literally zero chemistry between them. The movie also wants you to be invested in the love triangle but the romance is literally nonexistent. They want you to hold your breath when the "conflicts" happen but the "conflicts" are so badly done. The brother of the main character died and I just wanted to die as well. I usually cry really easily when something like this happens but I just didnt care about anyone in this movie. Also, apparently, what made the main group in the movie special is that they combine kung fu moves with hip hop but you only find out about that halfway and its because a news reporter was talking about it. None of the characters ever speak about using kung fu and then there was 2 fight scenes and suddenly these two guys know kung fu even tho the second guy was never even shown practicing it? This movie really gave me depression.

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